ALL APEX LEGENDS CRYPTO ABILITIES LEAK – Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate Explained!

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All Crypto Abilities have been leaked. Crypto's passive, tactical and ultimate are explained in this Apex Legends datamined news video.

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There is a lot of new stuff to come in terms of new leaks and exciting Apex Legends news! I cannot wait to share everything with you that has been added in the latest Apex Legends update. We have some juicy stuff!

ALL APEX LEGENDS CRYPTO ABILITIES LEAK – Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate Explained!

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  1. You are amazing my dude! Also just do the videos separate and take your time on them that’s really nice information and I feel like we all like when the details are explain

    1. @Ethan Donnelly oh don’t get me wrong; I’ll be trying him and he is interesting. Just saying that the typical „W“ Warriors (who seem to be the majority) who use Wraith, Path, and Octane will only try him a few times due to being new.

    2. @Shawn Anomaly   Aye but thats always going to be the case.

      Theres always going to be less popular characters in a game like this especially as the Roster fills out.

      The cool thing about Respawn though is that they’ve a history of making things that go very underappreciated, but are still very cool.

      This personally is a pretty cool Marksman character to me, With his abilities being focused on the drone, he either wants time and space to be on the drone, to actively scout, or he wants some prep time to set up the drone in a position where it can be parked and then use a rifle to make up the fact he couldnt close distance personally while droning.

      As much as Merchant is saying about it being a good anti camping tool, and it is, That drone is also a pretty great guarding tool. Being inside a building limits your visibility, Having a drone above the house looking down could provide a great bit of coverage for your team to see where people are. It can go both ways

    3. @Kanoier Well A decent Crypto is gonna make that worse. As long as they get a chance to set up the drone they can have constant eyes on you and their W players, crypto included now, can just push hyper aggressive.

    4. @Ethan Donnelly Crypto is actually an excellent pusher, maybe more so than others. He can scan, EMP forts and etc. Hes really fun, but imo lacks a bit of other abilities, cause hes completely centered on his drone

    1. I was hoping crypto would have his blade too. Like imagine him having like a swipe with it being able to down people in those early drop no weapon encounters, but that’s probs too op

    1. This is balanced by several factors. 1, cant shoot while you use buffed melee. 2 you have to actually get close to melee. 3 you still have to get through shield to even do damage, and could get sprayed down easily of you just rush in like an idiot.

    2. Admittedly the melee character would have huge benefit on a hot drop, but would likely fall off in effectiveness once people got Shields and guns.

    3. I thought Crypto used a sword. My ideas for his abilities were his passive uses his sword that deals bonus damage if you strike from behind. Basic ability let’s you teleport a short distance, ultimate was an emp grenade

  2. Feel like these leaks come way too early. There’s already stuff on Rosie and we’re 5 months out from playing her. Kills all the hype and discovery.

  3. cryptos kit seems underwhelming especially since I’ve been loking forward to it, i hope season 3 comes with 2 legends or respawn dropped the ball with the last 2 becuase they aren’t much fun, we need another aggressive character

    1. Octane is hella fun and Watson requires a bit of creativity at most, but even if you dont want to be using her fences her ultimate is extremely useful in combat with its ability to recharge shields and block incoming explosives, something thats likely to get more powerful over time as more characters and weapons are added.

      I dont see how this is „Dropping the ball“ when they’re just adding a character that fleshes out the only singularly filled spot, Recon. Which only hound is in.

      Getting another into that spot os to be expected, and this seems very useful.

    2. @Ethan Donnelly To agree, still it may seem that Crypto is more campy then what may be thought.

      If he has control over his drone, or its going to act on a ping system. That’s what the main factor is.

    3. @Mr.J In MortalKombat From what was described he can control it and then park it in place.

      If anyones played BO4, this ability sounds nearly identical to outriders hawk.

      If it does work like this, he can be very aggressive but he requires time to set it up.

      Its the opposite way bloodhound works, Hound gets off a very quick scan, so it lasts a couple seconds and thats all.

      This ability takes longer to set up, and can even require consistent input from the player in some circumstances, so it provides constant information to make that worthwhile.

      Being completely honest, This character will work extremely well with Pathfinder, Wraith and Octane.

      The main reason being that if your team wants to engage someone, You can get into cover, activate the drone and start moving it up.
      Your mobility character can then activate their ult beside you and lead it into the fight.

      This means that as you’re scouting, They set up a way for you to quickly get into the fight personally if needed.

      Then theres the fight itself. If the terrain is filled with cover, but no ceiling, You kinda want to move your drone as high as you can without losing the link and then maintaining your information on the enemy. Essentially giving you and your team a UAV.

      If the terrain will easily block your drone view then you’ll want to maintain control of the drone to move it about, reposition and different stuff

      If the terrains pretty open Aerially; park it and push in.

      After saying all this I need to check something about the passive that may neccessitate him being aggressive like this, but yeah camping is definitely a use for him but its not the highest skilled part of his kit ajd coordinated teams will make extremely good use of him aggressively.

      Especially if his drones EMP is powerful, that think could honestly win a fight on its own if its strong and used right

  4. Interesting. I’m really intrigued to see how he’ll play! I get the feeling he’s going to quite underused, we’ll see

    1. Agreed. Crypto’s abilities sound interesting, but are also quite convoluted. I have the feeling that he’ll be like Mirage – low pick rate due to being difficult to use, but can be really powerful once you have mastered his kit.

  5. Of the five leaked characters you’ve addressed thus far (up to Husaria), plus Rosie, I think Crypto interests me the most. Knowledge is power!

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