Amazon Alexa Microwave Review

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Here is our quick review of AmazonBasics Microwave.

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Amazon Alexa Microwave Review

25 Kommentare

  1. Back in around 2010 when we heard kitchen appliances were starting to use wifi, we didn’t think it would catch on but now we have an Amazon microwave

  2. These types of smart devices are the most useless tech ever concieved. I can’t believe someone pays money to install a spybot just to ask it pointless things that are already at few clicks away. Unless you are paralysed from the neck down there is no excuse to be that lazy.

    1. This is not silly for some people. I’m totally blind and having access to a voice controlled interface to utilize all the microwave functions is a great idea. I’m sick of dealing with microwaves with membranes or touch screens that I must label with tape or other tactile markers. The presets are a great idea and would make it easier to more accurately cook different types of foods without over or undercooking. Thank you for demonstrating this microwave.

  3. the people in the comments saying this is stupid, you’re all idiots. It’s innovation. There are many new technologies that people bash and they end up being something we can’t live without.

  4. *It had a really thick power cord and while this might seem silly to some people, for those of us who live in areas where we battle mice on regular basis this is important.>>>**** If you have never lost an appliance of any kind due to a hungry mouse chewing through the cord you are indeed a blessed person. This microwave oven works great and looks good, doesn’t take up much space either – exactly what I needed.*

  5. He complains you need to open the door to “wake it up” and says that’s really inconvenient ??? like you’re not going to open the door to put something inside ???????????????????

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