Amazon Echo Buds hands-on

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Amazon announced the new Echo Buds, truly wireless headphones that pair with a connected smartphone and promise to offer the full Alexa experience. They’re comfortable, and offer Bose-powered noise reduction, and at $129.99, they’re priced to move.

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Amazon Echo Buds hands-on

54 Kommentare

    1. I actually got no problem with it. The batteries in those devices are usually so small that they’re quickly charged anyway and almost everyone has tons of micro usb cables still lying around which this way at least have some use left for chargeable audio devices (most micro usb devices these days).

  1. I can’t wait for a full review of this, however the fact that it comes with a micro USB port is terrible! It’s 2019, nearly 2020! USB-C all the things or I’m not interested, especially for $130.

    For $79. I would still complain about the USB port, but wouldn’t criticize it terribly

    1. @loughrey101 it really is a massive pain carrying around one of those USB cables that splits in Micro/C/Lightening. How do people find space for things like that in their bags?

    1. It really truly does. There’s no excuse for that today, no justification when everything else is moving on to it. Even iPads have embraced it and iPhones possibly will next year as well. Come on Amazon. Literally lost any interest I might have ever had in these on that one feature.

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