Amazon Fire Tablet: Transferring Content From Your Computer

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You can transfer a variety of content to your Fire HD 8 from your computer. Learn more about Fire HD 8 Tablet on Amazon Help:

Amazon Fire Tablet: Transferring Content From Your Computer

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  1. I have an HD 8 (2017). When I delete an app I downloaded it does not remove from the home screen. Why does the app icon still appear after deleting?

    1. I have the same problem with this app, then when I click again, it says SD card not available, to continue using this app, pls. download it again or insert the SD card

  2. My fire tablet won´t get recognized from my pc…
    Have installled different drivers.. nothing seems to work!!?
    Why is this so difficult? Should have invested in another tablet…

  3. None of this is true. This does NOT work. I don’t see any of these things on my mac. I am so sorry I wasted money on this piece of crap Fire Tablet. It doesn’t open when I swipe, it is inconsistent, I can’t find my photos, which is the only reason I bought this. What junk.

  4. Useless.
    From my PC I can see the transferred .mobi books in the Fire’s Books folder.
    When I restart the Fire, the books don’t appear.
    Nothing wrong with the books, they work fine in Calibre and on an old 2012 Kindle.


    I wish there was a way to save my pdf’s from my email direclty onto my amazon fire tablet without having to do all of this.
    Also, i would like to read and use all my PDF files with the KINDLE reader app (its amazing especially with the new continuous scrolling !). The current firmware only allows for in app reading. which does not contain the full experience or capabilities, had kindle had a cloud sharing option
    where i can upload my PDF’s from my macbook to the kindle cloud and continue off on my fire tablet and make annotations on it (highlights) that will show in all of my cloud. synched.

    Thank you

  6. this video is to transfer from the amazon website. It doesnt help with those of us who have a lot of books in our kindle folders on our PC that want to send it to our Fire. I get the books loaded over and the stupid Fire recognizes nothing. Yet when i did the same thing on my wifes folder it worked perfectly. guess ill have to send this one back as not even Amazon can answer a simple question.

    1. All i want to do is move tons of pics that my guy took with our camera – that are currently on the computer – onto his Kindle. But MY GOD there seems to be no way to do it. WTF… ?? (the computer is Toshiba, Windows)

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