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BBATV had the distinct pleasure of catching up with Rodrigo Silva of Brazilian Blue Kennels, an American Bully Kennel located in Atlanta, Ga. Rodrigo has the distinction of owning the first father son Gr Champions in the ABKC. That's right his boys Thug and Little Thug are both Gr Champs. He has a new boy Mr. Choker that will soon be hitting the show ring. If the past is any indication it won't be long before this boy too is an ABKC GR. Champ.

Song "Slow Down"
Produced By Chill


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  1. When I first got in the game in 2009, this was the look most everybody in the southeast was chasing. It was rare to a Gotti or Mikeland blood dog win at shows. Crazy how things have changed in that short amount of time

  2. thug blood looks real nice keep it up…little thug is very nice just looks like he has poor angulation on his hocks but other then that great dogs all three of them.

    1. Thanks brother , is true about lil thug . On everything we do fam we need continue working to improve , so now mister choke looking lil better , not perfect but better !!!

  3. awesome dogs!! when you put all three together, you can see the consistency and the skin tighten up. Mr Choke looks beautiful..thug is a great producer. #goodjob

  4. At least these dogs are put together well. The only minor fault i see are the legs. They dont look like they could hold much muscle mass. The angulation is just a little off, but other than that im impressed.

    1. Is true, this is the reason is important to know what you have and always try to improve. No line is perfect and this is why I love breeding this dogs.

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