ASUS TUF Gaming FX504 REVIEW – Massive Gaming Machine with great price

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ASUS Recently released their first TUF Gaming laptop, the ASUS TUF Gaming FX504. You may recognize the TUF name from ASUS motherboards, but as you can see the company is now bringing the brand to its notebook line-up.

It's largely the same design as the ASUS FX503

TUF motherboards have traditionally been known for the focus on stability and reliability. Now, ASUS is drawing this vision with ASUS TUF Gaming FX504, which focuses on stability and durability.

One more member in the GeForce GTX 10 Series Ultimate Gaming Laptop hall!

ASUS TUF Gaming FX504 is one cool budget gaming laptop


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ASUS TUF Gaming FX504 REVIEW – Massive Gaming Machine with great price

63 Kommentare

  1. Just some constructive criticism for your review. Don’t take it too badly but this was actually borderline painful to watch, well listen to. Your words were so drawn out and lacked any sort of confidence or punchiness to them that it made me wonder if you knew anything about PC’s. I paused after 1mins 30s just to write this if that’s any indication as to how much this affected me. Try to speed up your speech, because to give a ‚detailed‘ review about a product in just under 4 mins you gotta have a lot more info than what I’m assuming was in this video. I really appreciate this review though, been waiting for the larger channels to get off their asses. Thanks for bringing something to the table and I’d really like to see you Improve and your channel grow.

    1. Jordan Tung I get where you’re coming from. But the thing is neither have the time nor resources to start my own channel and review tech products (although that would be awesome). I’m just trying to give advice to someone who does. My apologies if I came off as condescending.

    2. Ah darn, and I thought Jordan was writing to me. 😀 Lol YouTube should make comment section more clear.
      Keep it cool guys.

  2. hey, would you think it would be worth it to trade my AW 15 R3 with i7 6700hq GTX 1070 for this? im working on pretty big CAD files and i feel the skylake is not gonna cut it anymore. would it be a notable performance jump in CPU power?

    1. Well if we are talking about pure CPU power, the 2 extra cores (+4 Threads) is clearly an upgrade. Based on benchmarks you gain ~36%+ more.

    1. Not at all. Did a benchmark video where I show the temperatures as well. But someone mentioned this review model has different venting solution what he got.

    1. The 120Hz panel version has 130% sRGB (equivalent to 94% NTSC). But be noted there are 3 types of displays available (the 120Hz is very rare at the moment) 200-250 and 300 nits. The 200/250 Nit version is „only“ 60Hz. Well, you have access to an NVME compatible M.2 slot for programs and OS, and a full-size SATA3 HDD bay for extra massive storage (I know video editing eat up a lot) 🙂

    2. +Shadow of Light Yeah plenty enough. The 6 cores CPU is powerful to handle video editing and rendering very well. It is advised to go with 16GB RAM and of SSD configuration as standard.

    1. I saw the back of this notebook opened up in the video. This might be a pipe dream, but it looks like there is room for a second HDD. If so, can the second HDD and an m.2 fit in together for 3 storage spaces?

    2. There’s simply no room for an extra HDD. Next, to the original HDD, you find the m.2 and touchpad connector, nothing else. Also, there is also no extra SATA or PCIe connector on the motherboard.

    1. There is an option to get with 120Hz yes. Those displays are the best regarding color accuracy and brightness as well.

  3. How is the built quality? I always drop things so wanna conform that it can last for 4-5 years and can its screen open 180 degrees or not ??

    1. Well TUF series are usually comes with a better quality components regarding the internals. The exterior however is not as durable to just to drop it, and no you can’t open 180 degree. Those are usually the business lineup like the ASUSpro series.

    2. makaitechreviews thank you for reply. My budget for laptop is around $700. Should i wait for more laptop model or Hit a current running model. BTW i like gaming n programming.

    3. Basically current models just got updated to the latest 8th gen Intel CPU so nothing extraordinary on the horizon regarding CPU. New GPUs should come around September, but those are desktop versions. I would say you can happily pull the trigger nowadays.

  4. hey nice review bro.. I wanted to get the f560ud but that has the i5 8250U cpu and this has i5 8300H will that make a big difference in gaming? and hows do they compare in battery life.. Thanks ☺ and #subscribed

    1. In terms of RAW power, there is a difference of course, but I don’t think you will notice any significant change in real-world usage. I mean if you check my X560 video, that notebook uses U series CPU as well, and gaming on it is also very good. Anyway, If you need CPU for rendering and work, and need every extra second you gain with the higher performance go with the H CPU, otherwise, the U series can be plenty enough. In terms of battery life, you may gain like an extra +15-20%, but this is a very raw estimation, it depends on so many other factors. (eg. if you switch off keyboard light you can gain like +50% battery life). Here is a comparison of the 2 CPUs you mentioned. ( ) and thanks for the subscribe! 🙂

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