Audi Gebrauchtwagen :plus „Hund“

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nhb: soundmix, sounddesign, voice casting
sound: Johannes Roeske
casting: Tini Lakenmacher
filmproduktion: Tempomedia
regie: Alex Feil

Audi Gebrauchtwagen :plus "Hund"

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  1. Can some one Translate this ? The C/C on this video is not correct in German or in English. Sure is a Cute advertisement. Would love to know the whole dialog between the Dog & The driver of the AUDI. Thanks

    1. Ak998 im from germany but i can speak a little bit englisch,the dog wants that the driver cleans his hands because he dont want that the car gets dirty,so after the dog said this the driver said who are you?then the dog awnsers im the next human,child whatever who gets the car,driver:but you are a dog dog:in this live but not in my next live,i hope you can understand what i mean Greetings from Cologne

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