Bill Gates: Bitcoin Is Exciting Because It’s Cheap

Oct. 2 (Bloomberg) — Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and co-chairman of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, comments on Bitcoin during an interview with Erik Schatzker on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

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Bill Gates: Bitcoin Is Exciting Because It's Cheap

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  1. Global Digital Currency is the future but I think we’re just not ready for it now but it’s a major needed step towards a „one“ Global society.

  2. Bitcoin is a false hope it is like left or right, Democratic or Republican,  Pepsi or Coke, Mac or Windows, They even removed the link in the genesis block that linked to the bank article on routers about the banker bailouts in 2008, The reason so many people fell in love with bitcoin is because of Satoshi Nakamoto, it was suppose to be a way to say f you to the big boy bankers, but look at it now, they can just buy it and or sell to control the price to whatever they want, They still win no matter what (for now), right now it even seems they are suppressing it to get most the coins on the market so they can steal the majority of them so be safe and don`t sell right now or have them on any exchange we know what happens when you trust a 3rd party with your coins, hold them in a secure cold wallet, because guess what, when fiat scummy debt nodes come to a end, btc will be the new fiat, it will be like credits in star wars and the true worth will be 1 btc = 1btc not some b.s. 1 btc = 200$ or 1000$, stop playing there game sheep, the blocks have unlocked the chains.

  3. Love how he had to drop „terrorism“ in there.  WTF?  Any proof terrorists are using BitCoin as a significant part of their operational funding?

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  6. La opinión de Bill Gates traducida al Español

    “Bitcoins es excitante porque muestra lo barato que puede ser. Bitcoin es mejor que otras monedas ya que no necesitas estar físicamente en el mismo sitio, algo que para grandes sumas de dinero es un gran inconveniente”

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