Bitcoin and Crypto Market all Geared up for a Bull Run

Bitcoin and Crypto Market all Geared up for a Bull Run

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  1. …I think it will dip lower, possibly below 4K even 3K before the bulls will be interested to come back and drive the market up.
    …Note that the optimistic “experts” are not objective and have an interest…
    Be patient with your buying and leave some fiat for a possibly much lower bottom for bitcoin and all of the alltcoins. …that’s just my advice.

  2. TA suggests double top of 6800…super bearish… We’ve been in a bear market since 19k… we aren’t going bullish unless price breaks 8600… Lots or resistance points along the way to that level. This news is getting pushed from whales and people trying to click bate people… If you can prove to me graphically that we are out of our confirmed bear market I will gladly listen

  3. Im agree that bottom is 6k for BTC
    My plan is to buy in every dip as much as I can and just HODL for the next 5 years…Market will go up …. just patient
    Thats for the videos

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