BitCoin and The New World Order

BitCoin and The New World Order

Is Bitcoin part of a global conspiracy involving the richest and most powerful people in the world?

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BitCoin and The New World Order

73 Kommentare

  1. A one world currency? How could that be a bad thing? Surely thats the stage we were slowly moving towards anyway, the indroduction of the euro was the first step.

    1. Euro is a bad thing, paid by the weak portion of society … whatever they plan, NWo called as you want, is to go back to patricians and plebeians … the latter work as slaves for few crumbles. Take back your life and keep safe your wealth. I do not trust my money floating somewhere in cyberspace!

  2. I love how guy who commented before me named The zett , said he doesn’t care about what people say, but still turned off replies for their comment.

    1. +2qa32wsx4r65ct him turning off the replies shows that he does care and is afraid of the ridicule he would have received if he left the replies on.

    2. Watch MorgueOfficial and Anonymous Official on YouTube and know the truths.
      It’s true that we are being controlled and used as commodities. It’s time to change that, JOIN THE GREATEST REVOLUTION, THE REVOLUTION OF THE MINDS

  3. If this was the NWO’s plan they wouldn’t have made bitcoin open source. Anyone can make inprovements on the current bitcoin code and start their own competing crypto-currency.

  4. want a conspirace teory – Alltime Conspiracies has been taken over by the NWO and is trying to divert attension frkm their actual seacret activitys … *MIND BLOWN*

    1. b1bbs g0t h4nds comments like the one from 2446madog, show that many many have no idea of the reality of the NWO,and are/will be decieved big time!

    1. +mynamewhatis There is a variable called MAX_MONEY in the bitcoin source code that limits the number of coins available.  This variable could be changed but it would require the consent of 51% of the network.

    2. +mrquicky Not entirely correct. A 51% attacker could fork the blockchain so that everyone would be connected to his own network. Then he’d be able to mine and sell bitcoins. Once the attacker feels like he’s done enough damage, the blockchain will switch over to the original and everything would continue as normal. The mined bitcoins on the forked chain would be gone forever.

    3. +ThatDandyMan I’m not sure what you mean by not entirely correct.  A 51% attack would would still be the consent of 51% of the network.  In that case the forked blockchain would exist with a MAX_MONEY variable greater than 21 million as long as 51% of the network agreed.  You’re assuming an attack, I’m stating it requires 51% regardless of whether it is an attack or a willing agreement of 51% of the participating network.

    1. Of course they could! Regular money was decentralized not long ago you honestly think that for the sake of high ideals and a free society EVERYONE on the planet would refuse to take advantage of the currency? Really? Goodness gracious

  5. Maybe Alltime Conspiracies was created by the NWO to spread misleading info about them. My evidence is that their recent videos touched on the subjects of NWO and the Illuminati. Or maybe their just a regular youtube channel. What do you think?

    1. Yeah, my dad used Bitcoins once. He quit it when he found out in his first month digging for Bitcoins he olny got 0.1% of a bitcoin.

  6. Max Keiser promotes Bitcoin but there are evidence he is a shill. I wouldn’t trust any currency to be honest. These crypto currencies are the key to end cash for good. Could be part of the NWO agenda? Be careful what you wish for brothers and sisters!

  7. If only 10 bitcoins existed and I owned only one of them, and then it’s divided 100 times, I still own 10% of all coins.

    If only 10dollars exist and I owned only one of them, and they print 10 more dollars. I own 5% of all dollars.

    In the past you could take some paper money to the government, who would exchange it for some gold or some silver based on an exchange rate set by the government. But now the government no longer exchange dollars for gold. The United States is on a system of fiat money, which is not tied to any other commodity. So these pieces of paper in your pocket are nothing but pieces of paper and can be printed infinitely making you poorer and banks wealthier!

  8. When elites warn you it means its a scam created by elites. They say its decentralized and not backed by the government,but what thy want is that people should buy them as much as possible which will happen once it value goes lowest of all time and later, governments will legalize it and its value will remain low and stable. All that money you spent on bitcoins will be useless as you can only trade it with bitcoins and nothing else.

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