Bitcoin Broke Key Resistance Levels – What’s Next?

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The first key Bitcoin resistance level was breached! Bitcoin got above $6,600, and in this video, we'll discuss what the next likely moves are for Bitcoin. We then so some technical analysis on the altcoins Ethereum and XRP.

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15 Kommentare

  1. Que comments saying „BITCOIN IS BELOW $6,600 I WANT A REFUND!!!“ 1. The video is free. 2. It’s like, 7 dollars below $6,600, and got support on the uptrend outlined in the video, lol.

    1. Actually it happened the week of September 17th. There was a fake cross on the week of August 27th, but not one in July. You may be looking at a different chart.

    2. Thanks for your reply. So weird! I’m looking at BTCUSD, Bitfinex, 1W, MACD (12,26, close, 9) and see a clear bullish cross in the week of July 15 with the blue line still on top to this date! How’s that possible?!

  2. Got a very strange gut feeling about eth. The fud in the last couple of weeks doesnt justify that downfall. There could be a big change ante portas …
    What do I know ?

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