Bitcoin BTC Starbucks for BTC + ETC on Coinbase – Crypto news & Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin (BTC) Starbucks for BTC + ETC on Coinbase – Crypto news & Cryptocurrency, daily, price, coin, blockchain, starbucks cryptocurrency
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00:34 Market update
00:39 Bitcoin dropped to $6900
01:13 Bank of Thailand allows crypto

01:33 To deal with crypto, banks need local SEC permission
01:43 Coinbase testing ETC

2:02 Bithumb recovering after being hacked

2:22 Starbucks can be bought for crypto?

2:42 BTC for Starbucks – fake

Monday’s episode of NakamotoJedi is already on our news channel! In addition to crypto daily, we’ve prepared bitcoin analysis for you. The situation on the market is not stable, and Luis speaks on it today!

Here are the latest news on cryptocurrency:

Thai is moving towards the crypto world! The Bank of Thailand allowed local banks to deal with crypto, but everything is not so simple in this story. In goes about local SEC, and, of course, it should pose restrictions by its nature.

And, according to the recent data, Ethereum Classic will appear on Coinbase soon. Waiting for it?

Another crypto exchange Bithumb is now working on security issues after hacking. And as we can see, it will get back to its working regime soon.

And now put your likes all those who like Starbucks coffee! The company has some plans concerning crypto payments, but it is not going to make them public yet.

NakamotoJedi, inspired by the genius Satoshi, shares only the most relevant news in a short and comprehensible form. In our episodes get known of: crypto news 2018, blockchain technology, btc news, new crypto coins, etc.

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Bitcoin BTC Starbucks for BTC + ETC on Coinbase – Crypto news & Cryptocurrency

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