Bitcoin: My 400 bitcoin bet paid off, but is it too late for others? – BBC News

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Entrepreneur Alessandra Sollberger funded her nutrition start-up off the back of an investment in Bitcoin.
But as Rory Cellan-Jones hears, it may be too late for others to follow in her steps.

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Bitcoin: My 400 bitcoin bet paid off, but is it too late for others? – BBC News

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    1. You would be surprised at what a small amount of people own cryptocurrency. Its not to late its just geting off the ground with all the hype at the moment any news is good news. Gamble safe conservatists !!

    2. You do realize that „average joe punch clock“ would get rich off of other „average joe punch clocks“. If you think somehow you are transferring wealth from the 1% to your pocket……….. well than I have some magic beans that you will enjoy.

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  1. Do you realise the same people that are calling it a bubble are the ones who said you cant spot a bubble until it pops. Thats what they said about housing and stocks in 07. Bitcoin itself isnt the best by any means. But there’s a lot of very practical cryptocurrencies out there. The blockchain is here to stay.

    1. Only sheeple wouldn’t adopt it because it isn’t backed by government… but are any of our currencies backed by government? Recently when the pound nosedived did they put their hands in their pockets and refund me the difference, of course not because they don’t really back any currency anymore with anything but words. Lots of people also have money in gold and other commodities that aren’t „backed by government“ its a pretty silly statement given that it not being backed by government is one of the things that people find attractive about it. People are only confident that fiat money will lose value, that’s why they don’t want all of their assets held in fiat and look to commodities, property, rarities, art, vintage cars and other assets – none of which are backed by government.

    2. There is a lot of cryptocurrencies out there better than bitcoin and there will be new cryptocurrencies better than those. However…people still think that bitcoin is a scam, a bubble, something worthless, etc, so i believe we will see bitcoin become some sort of gold and then loose its status to the most capable coin. Right now and for the next few 2 or 3 years at least, the coin with most hype will suceed, and i believe that is bitcoin. Keep an eye out for other coins that have superior technology, those will grow and replace bitcoin, or at least shove bitcoin into a Banks/Business Group area only.

    1. Hi Liam. Just FYI, Bitcoin is bullshit. and all Bitcoin hodlers know it. Because if all the Problems are not going to be solved then a swap to another system is basically the smallest problem. Inform yourself, check hashgraph, iota and similar projects. IT IS ABOUT CONSENSUS! have you ever thought of, your fkd up cocain filled, dollar could be fake? well there is much fake money out there. btc has no fakes. It is about an online system that is tamper proof. Imagine the politicians not beeing able to fake a Master or Bachelor anymore. Imagine no more fake money. Imagine no more money laundering and so on. The usecases for us people and for Humanity are by far much wider then you could ever think of. btc is only the father, the jesus that brought us consensus in a way never seen before. Humanity needs this! Freedom could be reached.

    2. Liam O’Neil there will only be 21 million Bitcoin ever. Japan offers payment in it. There are things like SALT that are working in crypto lending. The information you seek is out there, if you are willing to look.

    3. @Liam O’Neil compare a $100 Bill to 1 Bitcoin, there’s much more work that goes into mining the 1 Bitcoin vs printing off a $100 Bill out of thin air, OVER AND OVER again till the wheels fly off the printing press…they are LITERALLY printing money 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and it doesn’t matter what they put on the bill, $5, $10, $100, costs the same…The only reason why they don’t simply just print off ALL $100 bills is because there’s a need for small denominations by the general public. It’s not backed by ANYTHING, at least Bitcoin is relatively difficult to mine, and people put money into mining it. Also, the „Federal“ Reserve gives banks free money, and they do something called „Fractional Reserve Lending“ where they can lend out 10 times more money than they actually have, but YOU as a customer has to pay back 100%, Dollar For Dollar, and they then lend out 10 times more than what you pay back….and so on and so forth…It’s all a complete SCAM.

  2. Love how they go and ask advice on bitcoin from a guy who barely understands it. How about interviewing someone who actually understands the tech? Well, that wouldn’t serve the interests of the establishment would it?

    1. Explain why would I buy a „coin“ and use it for payment, if it has such a volatile price… It makes sense at 40 cents per coin or 2 million per coin, a fixed value, but just now is useless… I mean why would I spend something that could have higher value tomorrow…. I think this is the major reason why, people you call those who „barely understand “ don’t like it…

    2. not to mention if something goes wrong government will not use its reserve to fight the problem lol . someone will pull a george soros move on bitcoin lmao.

    3. Aleks Pavlovic it is used as a store of value right now. Until the technology advances and fees become lower, no one is buying Bitcoin for small daily transactions. But there’s money to be made and Bitcoin is here to stay, So don’t let that non sense keep you away from investing into the future. There are other cryptos that can be cash while Bitcoin is the digital gold (BCH, LTC DASH)

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  3. Such an uneducated view. Is Bitcoin a bubble? 100%. Does that mean Cryptocurrencies as a whole are not a real service? 100% incorrect. Whether it’s a bubble or not is beside the point. That we have an emerging industry that has the potential to revolutionize how we bank and store value is what is important. Confirmation that this person has no idea what they are talking about is when he says „we have transactions being done for $25- no one could run an economy on that“. Clearly this person has no idea the way cryptocurrency is being adapted in Japan, how it’s being used for everyday transactions in that country. Also, he is referring to Bitcoin as a means for transactions. If you follow the cryptocurrency industry, you would know that Bitcoin is being used more as a storer of wealth the same way Gold is. Other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum are being developed as cryptocurrencies that will be better used for everyday transactions, where cost of doing those transactions will be a lot more efficient than they are for Bitcoin. Every Crytocurrency is different, if you are seeing Bitcoin as the only one, you’re missing the bigger picture. It’s a bubble that will pop, however when it does, that does not mean the cryptocurrency industry as a whole will go with it. During the dotcom bubble, when that bubble burst, it didn’t mean all internet businesses ceased to exist. Companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon have since developed- and the internet works just fine- regulation helped this industry. The banking industry never disappeared when the 2008 housing apocalypse happened. The strongest banks survived- regulation helped stabilize that industry too- and we still use banks everyday. The same will happen when this bubble bursts. The strongest cryptocurrencies will survive. Regulation will cut out the weak links, and the cryptocurrencies that will be willing to work within those regulations will be your Google’s, Amazon’s and Facebook’s.

  4. BBC doesnt want people to buy bit coin. Just pay for your TV licence and continue being poor while they pay their staff sky high moolah to travel from Manchester to London (first class mind you) to do a 20 minute weather report.

    1. I’m personally using *LIVENETJOBS. COM* and it makes me around $600 per day. You can actually Sign Up for there. Thank me later. All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure.

    2. Do you know that we still have a reliable source of earning bitcoin that many of us don’t know ,I have been into Crypto market for the past five years now and I started earning optimal profit as at last year ending just with the help of Mr Nicholas Connor in just two weeks you can earn 1 BTC with just 0.2 BTC. Feel free to contact him if you have interest on earning BTC for yourself on

  5. Bookmarked so I can come back and laugh at this story in 5 years. Crypto-currencies are not a bubble. They are a store of value that can’t easily be corrupted by governments like regular currency can be. Bitcoin itself may not make it. There are better technologies out there right now that you can invest in right now.

    1. When ol‘ baldy is proven completely wrong, he’ll just deny it and there won’t be any satisfaction. Wait. Strike that. There will be some satisfaction in being right. But that dude will just doublespeak and put his head back in the sand. 🙂

    1. @Yung Butta
      but A LOTTERY WIN that you don’t pay taxes on IS DEFINED AS something as is registered with the lotteries dept… right

      bitcoin is not registered as a lottery or sweepstakes

  6. How is it gambling? Unless you bought one week ago, there is no possible way you could have lost money by buying bitcoin, there is not a single point on the chart on which one month before the value of bitcoin was higher, none whatsoever. Unless you were stupid enough to sell at a lower price than you bought it, you could not possibly have lost money, and this holds true for 2009 – mid december 2017. I guarantee, even those who bought btc @20k will not lose their money when it hits 20k at january 2018

    1. You are up 7000% on your gambling, not investment. You keep repeating the basic mistakes. Nobody knows the best moments to buy Bitcoin, oil, gold, etc. because it’s gambling. You can, however, know when to buy investments if you have even a little bit of knowledge and critical thinking that you clearly lack.

      You shouldn’t project yourself onto others. Not everyone likes to gamble and not everybody is envy of others‘ luck. It’s completely illogical to envy luck. People win lotteries all the time, but not me and that’s okay, because I invest and make my money in a certain way.

      You had to reload my post again, because you got so triggered thinking someone can make wise choices in life and become wealthy, and doesn’t need to resort to luck or gambling? By the way, winning in Bitcoin, lottery, etc. is not an achievement of any sort. Quite the opposite. They make you think you are good at something when it all comes down to just luck. Do you have any real achievements in your life? And if these achievements are what you care about so much, then how about beating Icahn or Buffett? Oh wait, that requires time, knowledge and understanding of basics of investing and economics.

      „You do realise that fiat currency has no intrinsic value, don’t you?“
      I invest, I don’t keep stashes of fiat money or commodities. Fiat money and commodities do not produce any value. I use fiat money only for cash flow purposes. I will use cryptos for money purposes if they ever get there, but even then I would still invest and not gamble.

  7. i don’t care about the value of bitcoin all I care is about the technology behind it „blockchain“. With this technology we won’t need banks in the future. Blockchain will change the financial sector. People did not understand the internet when it was invented, people now don’t understand bitcoin or blockchain. Blcokchain will do to banks what uber did to taxis or what piracy did to music and movie industry but on a bigger scale. RIP BANKS

    1. Wrong, fractional banking is used by all banks, this is not mathematically sustainable without future central bank bailouts. This is why bitcoin was created to begin with. People are starting to wake up to how money is actually created and that is by debt. One day bank deposits will simply vanish due to this system should the central banks not be there to keep bailing them out.

    2. And the banks just like the taxis will say „Waagh that’s not fair it should be regulated“. Which by the way, I hate to break it to you guys, is simply not possible.

    1. Still wouldn’t call it a tragedy in any way – assuming she spent around 3.5K on those 388 she bought, although she didn’t sell them at their peak value, she still sold them for over 80K. She’s used it to fund her business and is now making even more money. That’s over 75K profit, and a business startup funded, definitely a success.

      Plus with 12 still owned, she could potentially make 240K if she wanted to sell them now.

      But you have a point, even with all that success, I know i’d be kicking myself if I knew I could have held on to them for several more years and been a millionaire.

    2. It sounds a bit hoaxy. When are people going to get their head around the idea that the news is fake? We’ve reached a point where so many people have sold their souls and have become Free–m*sons, that every day they can wheel out new people to tell lies. I would say roughly 10% of the population are now sell outs to Rome. This video is 3:16 long, which is 3 and 1 + 6 = 7 for 777, the Free–m*sons hoax code. By the way, Bitcoin isn’t the future. One day it will collapse and people will lose everything. The powers that be will be just so kind and come up with their own digital world currency. This is why they have the slogan ‚Order Out of Chaos‘, they will bring deliberate or fake chaos and then come up with the order.

    3. @farceadentus your math is a little off obviously she starting selling btc when it was way less than 18’000 how else would you go thru 388 BTC just to fund a business.

    4. @SteveYouTube916 how’s it a tragedy to own only 12 Bitcoin, when someday those 12 Bitcoins will be valued at $1 Million/Bitcoin?

    1. @Violet Blue It’s when it becomes creepy, and most people know the difference OR nd not cross a line we all know what that line is too.

  8. Bitcoin is what E-mail was for local postal offices.
    End of story. Have a nice day you broke, blind & bald fiat believer

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