Bitcoin Reversal! | Ethereum To $1,900 In Next Bull Run!

Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Is the Bitcoin price reversing right now? Well, my Bitcoin price analysis says so. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. I'll also talk about Ethereum (ETH) and the Ethereum price, because I think that in the next cryptocurrency bull run we will so the Ethereum price soar. Want my full Ethereum price prediction? Watch the video!

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42 Kommentare

  1. There is NOT going to be a reversal until we get a capitulation candle with Bitcoin AND until the monthly RSI cools off. Sure, we can hit 7K or 8K first, but we’re not going ANYWHERE close to a bullrun until those requirements are met. These temporary green candles are for the FOMO Joes. For the morons. Don’t fall for the trap people, we’re going DOWN!

    1. Proud Dad  A lot of them are not 90% down yet (ETH, LTC, XLM, EOS). Just because a fucking Electroneum tanked to half a cent it doesn’t mean we have reached a true bottom.

    2. +Smooth Operator check your facts. At their lowest point in 2018, ETH XLM and LTC were all 90% down from their ATH. EOS is an exception, as it was able to reach a new ATH while other coins were tanking

  2. Everyone talking about next bullrun and reversal, time to short^^ new lows inc Edit: I have big shorts in dogecoin, this probably goas down even when btc rallies.

    1. you bought dogecoin…I bought something called „Waltonchain coin“ and „Dog Coin“. ALso I bought something called „salt“, „pepper“, „cinnamon“, „sugar“ and „curry powder“.

  3. I shorted at 6700,closed at 6400.
    Yesterday i longed at 6500 and i closed at 6700.
    Today after i Saw that 6740 Was top and due to bearish divergency i shorted.

  4. I want to note that the SPY chart is showing bearish rsi divergence on the weekly chart. It broke a support trendline from july and it could break the one from april. If the federal reserve doesn’t keep printing money and flooding fang stocks it’s going to fall. How much longer can they keep printing with other countries ditching the us dollar? The money gps has a great chart on one of his videos showing direct correlation between the fed printing press and sp500 chart.
    Will the money leave stocks into crypto in the next few weeks if stocks take a hit?

  5. Carl – I think you have extended the fibonnaci levels and that your TA brilliance is at least at 168% and is looking extremely bullish. Great video again. Thanks

  6. Just because someone commented in your previous video you should make a GF .. You don’t have to tell us you got to catch a plane respected Carl 😀 … And we not only think but we do believe that; that sounds INTERESTING and we will DEFINITELY keep watching your VIDEOS 🙂

  7. I really find hard to believe that people are ok with the fact that Ethereum has no max supply especially people against printing money isn’t it the same and remember that they also reversed the transactions from the DAO hack so they can do it again in case a big fish or a powerful country need a favor

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