Bitcoin Sets Up For Bullish Breakout – Will It Happen?

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Recently the key Bitcoin support level of $6,600 has been breached. Overnight, Bitcoin has rallied up to test this level as resistance. In today's video, we'll discuss if Bitcoin will break this level, and do some longer term Bitcoin technical analysis.

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31 Kommentare

  1. It’s not an indecision. The downforce is too strong and so will have to capitulate. It will be good for the future of the overall market because currently there are no new buyers it’s just the existing players speculating and manipulating.

    1. Sev K. If BTC capitulates, It capitulates. Caputulation is just capitulation. I capitulate your capitulated comment. It’s very capitulating.

    2. many times the low % if people not in the market will only lead me to the rational thought process of there are more buyers than sellers. Especially considering the amount of bitcojn Not available anymore.. (not the bitcoin that people own, do some research; there are plenty of stats out there with numbers with wallets who owns what and how many, but the bitcoin that has yet to be mined) not very much. And then the halving process occurs.. look at the Logarithmic chart since day 1.. ain’t nothing changing.

  2. Dude I told ya. 6k will not break. If it does it will be extremely quick. 2014 is not 2018. Period. There are almost no more sellers in the market. Capitulation means “giving up” essentially when the sellers give up.. which is happening as we speak.

  3. I think the market remains blind to the fundamentals. Also, the retail investor has no idea how big Bakkt is, etc. This of who follow the news and understand how big it is get excited, but we are the few. I think the break is 50/50, but I am hopeful we break bullish. I think Bakkt will kick it off and FOMO will drive the bubble. We shall see. Love your optimism.

  4. Jebb love your videos but with all due respect, you’ve been saying you’d make certain „dedicated videos“ for a while now. When will we actually see it?

  5. Jebb love your videos. Could you have a look at btc against the Korean wan its a very interesting chart compared to the usd one and they bring in a lot of volume

  6. From the little I know of technical analysis, it should break sharply up or down. I hope you’re right and it breaks to the upside. However, there are others in the crypto TA space (Tone Vays, Tyler Jenks) say it’s going to break sharply to the downside. I don’t like the fact that the USD is strengthening, but I do like the fact that it looks like PM’s have put a bottom in.

  7. XRP is going live after Swell. XRP will break up big time again which will be the impetus to pull btc bullish rather than bearish.

    Then it’s off to the races!

  8. Across the board seems short term prognosis is 50/50. All I know is market is totally propped up atm by exchanges BS volume, and hedge funds w big paper losses. They are trying to float it until baakt, ETF, holiday season etc. Might work. Too bad, its unhealthy. Anyway, I positioned for a fall, just b/c too much bullishness in sentiment w no meat on the bone. Plus, this next month or 2 will b the last chance for market makers to get cheap coin while retail $ is sluggish, and custodianship options are still rolling out. I’m counting on greed. I think they want to dump into a mini rally, and scoop up everything once its pushed sub 6k. Plus, it’s only a lower high until the next lower low. Couldn’t break 6800 as of now. I’ll flip come late oct/nov prolly.

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