Bitcoin will Bottom at 1.5k?! | Bloomberg News

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Cryptocurrency 24 hours 24/7 news
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Bitcoin will Bottom at 1.5k?! | Bloomberg News

40 Kommentare

    1. When 90 % People Predicts:
      1. Bitcoin will surely going go down further – It Goes up
      2. Bitcoin will surely going up further – It Goes down

      Reversal happens all the time, Just relax and whenever you heard most people saying Bitcoin will go that way, the opposite will happen for sure!

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    1. Tim Raw wrong lol. What alternative to the dollar was there? Be honest with yourself and admit bitcoin is a pump and dump scam. You buy low, hodl your way to the top, and dump all of it for real money which leads to decline.

    2. Been a wolves fan since 6/22/17 you didn’t lie… but finish the story. Sell for fiat at the top then quadruple up at the bottom. Wash rinse repeat 10 times until BTC becomes the first world currency. Walllahh

    3. Tim Raw not how it works at all lol. Pump and dump will not result in btc being a usable currency and only screws over the suckers on the bottom. Btc is only profitable to those on top that are playing the fools below them.

    4. Been a wolves fan since 6/22/17 yea. And we’re all trying to get on top. It’s the better place to be as opposed to trolling outside the lines. However. volatility is not for the weak of heart. Gotta have the testicular fortitude to withstand the roller coaster ride. When BTC stabilizes in a few years, I’ll be more than happy to sell when you realize it’s your time to start buying.

    5. Been a wolves fan since 6/22/17 just to add. Your beloved dollar is down over 90% since it’s inception. Where will it be in 10-20 years? By historical data from both currencies, the future is quite grim for the USD and bright BTC.

  1. That dude is a Gold bug,…….1500 aint gonna happen, I do believe we will retest 3100ish or drop slightly below 3000 at least one more time and then see a slow uptrend for quit a while before we see ay massive moves….

  2. Who looks at this purchased crap. Those are paid by big investors also makes the market with the profits. This is nothing more than a television show like a tabloid magazine nothing independent.
    People are paid for their assessment given to them. Would it say a man on the street or the housewife it would not be interesting and no one listens.
    Bloomberg who believes something believes also in the Christmas man.

  3. man id be so happy if btc dipps to 1500! ive been able to gain so much btc in this bear market. you dont have to hodl in this kind of a market there is a better way. look i dont know when the bottom or tops are but if you feel worried when the price moves drastically and you are not profiting then you are doing exactly what they want and reacting to market conditions. you can profit in this market and it is simple

  4. Props for your honesty dude, “average buy of $6-7k, getting crushed” and more props for not investing more than you can afford to lose and keeping fiat on the side. Integrity and lessons learned well displayed my friend!

  5. they say they are calling the bottom at 1500 for the retail trader, although this is just speculation. the markets corrected over 80%. Why would you wait for another 10-15% drop off specualtion! you will be much better off buying in now.

  6. dont trust any things they saying . all is lie . bitcoin surely down at 300 $ because all markets in the world is down next year 2019. all bussiness and factory under moving from china . so wait bitcoin at lowest at 300 . marketcap will 50 bilions only then we can buy more. every alt coins will not value

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