Bitcoin’s History with the Dark Web – Crypto Crash Course

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Bitcoin has long history with the dark web, Silk Road, illegal drug trade, and more. Find out how this is being prevented, what happened to those dark web sites, and the people behind them.

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Bitcoin's History with the Dark Web – Crypto Crash Course

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  1. All recreational drugs should be legal. We need to end the ban of all recreational drugs. There are numerous reasons for the legalization of all drugs. I’m in the northeast USA, I see the opioid epidemic first hand and overdoses would be much rarer in a legal regime, as they are primarily a result of fentanyl being used as a cut, or much more rarely dealers setting up a hot bag designed to cause an OD to show the comparative strength of their product compared to competitors. Prohibition of any substance is bound to fail, as it completely ignores human nature. Furthermore, the vast majority of negative effects of heroin, meth, or other „hard‘ drugs are actually a result of the illegal black market and wouldn’t be present in a legal regime, not to argue they’re harmless, certainly not, but you simply cannot write off the overwhelming amount of downsides solely resulting from the legal situation.

    the war on drugs serves no purpose other than giving police carte blanche justification to violate americans fourth amendment rights (searching vehicles because they „smell weed“, stop-and-frisk, etc.), ignores the rights of many in the developing world, fails to stem the supply of any drug, stigmatizes people simply for preferring substances other than booze (which is actually more harmful than any other recreational drug; source:, funds illegal gangs, cartels, and terrorist organizations, and creates an enviroment where both users and law enforcement are at an immesurably greater risk of injury or death. No knock raids put police and citizens at great risk for little reason, usually in the name of the war on drugs. When distribution is in the hands of criminals they are likely to maximise their profit margins by enhancing their product with fentanyl, as it’s cheap and 50 times stronger than heroin (To illustrate it’s affordability I was once given a free 100mg sample of pure fentanyl hcl, all it cost was postal charges); this is the primary cause of the overdose epidemic gripping America.

    In a legal regime the government could produce drugs, sell them at cost through state drug stores, ensuring adults only have access and that they are sold things in proper dosage increments and standardized purity, with sterile, safe paraphernalia (To prevent transmission of diseases and damage from old or dirty gear). The tax revenue could fund responsible use drug education and allow treatment centers to be better equipped and more effective, this would also help reduce the stigma of both drug use and abuse, with abuse being treated similarly to alcohol abuse is. Harm reduction measures such as reagent testing, injection and use sites, etc would further alleviate problems arising from use as well. It is against the value of liberty to prohibit recreational substances from consenting adults, and gives police justification for their militarization that’s been going on the past few decades.

    Small town law enforcement does not need apcs and other specialized military and intelligence hardware, it only reinforces societal distrust, nor does every single cop need a weapon on them at all times, they should at the very least have extra training or certification in advanced deescalation tactics or only have them in their car to respond to lethal threats and lethal threats only to lead to them exploring more avenues for deescalation, prior to even considering deadly force. Also, prices of drugs would be drastically lower in a legal market allowing users to partake without breaking the bank financially further reducing property crime associated with addictions.

    In conclusion the war on drugs is the single greatest injustice to happen today, and it even fails to deliver results. Heroin, meth, or crack will never be completely eradicated, no drug will be, prohibition just harms users and causes a plethora of problems. Also, to clarify, some substances, ie carfentanil are too potent to not be considered chemical weapons and should still be regulated as such. Until the police unilaterally end enforcement of drug laws I consider them an enemy of the people and an oppressive force designed to keep the working class down at the behest of the monied elite

  2. as long as one only orders domestically and doesn’t get huge amounts the risk is pretty minimal, even today. The USPS requires signed warrant before they can touch your mail

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