Black Piranha „King Krypto“ Tears Black Moor Apart

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My juvenile serrasalmus rhombeus (black piranha) "King Krypto" has a short temper and a huge appetite.

This is the short and sweet version of this video. For those of you who are craving more, head on over to my channel and catch an extra 3 minutes of action.

Black Piranha "King Krypto" Tears Black Moor Apart

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  1. @lukeharpus Any fish being eaten by another is a feeder fish. According to your rational a salmon isn’t a feeder fish either, however, I say it is when it ends up on your dinner plate. Black moors aren’t even naturally occurring fish.

  2. Black Piranha are fin eaters when they are small. Just think of it this way…He used 1 Black Moor goldfish (Aren’t you glad that the Blk. Piranha didn’t start on those nasty bulging eyeballs!)that has 2 tails. So really, he saved the life of 1 regular feeder goldfish. I think deserves an atta boy, a handshake & pat on the back, and a large round of applause, for saving the life of another fish destined to to be eaten. Nice Serrasalmus rhombeus you have there.

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