Brian Falls in Love With Amazon Alexa – Family Guy

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Family Guy Griffins buy a smart assistant speaker Brandi and Brian falls in love, stewie goes Disney land, peter pulls popcorn bucket trick on himself

Episode Info
Switch the Flip (s16 e17)
season 16 episode 17

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Brian Falls in Love With Amazon Alexa – Family Guy

91 Kommentare

  1. ‚Oh no, no no this isn’t music no i don’t like this david, no that’s enough!‘
    Lol who is that meant to be and what accent haha

    1. It’s a joke. They cut a hole in the bucket, and…well…I’m sure you can guess what he meant by „I still can’t find it.“

    1. Not that it takes a short time, but they can change their animation fairly quickly. This is how they managed to have the Fractured But Whole have modern references while being developed.

    1. older people tend to develop this crazy affliction called long sightedness which means they need a second pair of glasses (reading glasses) when they have to read tiny print. since many of us are short sighted anyway, we have to remove our usual glasses.

    1. Whatever, if you only watch this vid, you don’t get any references, no offense but you should have edited it better

    1. Hi Dad that’s why Brian gets bad luck because he doesn’t know how to talk to people and I wish Joe and Quagmire look for Brian and just beat the shut outta him

    1. Miss Kelly…I bet you like standing still at their concerts, you see I just referenced something but you won’t know what it is

    2. We also love Aretha Franklin. She is with God. Aretha belongs to God now, to sing with God’s heavenly Angles. Aretha, thank you for the music. And we all hope to meet you in heaven when our turn comes to leave this mortal world of ours.

  2. Wait so some random guy enters the house and takes something you didn’t buy? Actually pretty annoyed when I saw that.

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