Buying bitcoins at Litebit


I am receiving countless requests and so many messages from people asking me for information regarding how to get into BitCoin, how to make money with Bit Coin mining and they keep asking me, people have that constant need for more information. I know quite a bit about this myself, but I would like to present the information that is the actual written by an expert in this field and one of the cofounders of one of the largest BTC mines in the world, located on Iceland.

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Buying bitcoins at Litebit

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  1. , i just started registration litebit, and i jave a ledgernano s , i really do not understand how to widrawal (opnemen) . I used my ledger nano s wallet with the wallet ripple code, i did SELL or verkopen , my question is id like to know how you do widrawal . im still trying to figure out using litebit. Can you give me idea. im not sure what im doing

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