Can You Play Fortnite on a $200 Laptop?

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Fortnite Battle Royale is great on gaming PC but how about a cheap laptop?
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  1. My PC runs it at like 20fps at 800×500 all low. Basically, unplayable, and that makes me sad

    I have that textures taking forever to load problem too lol

    1. Its not ur pc its the stuff on it try to delete stuff that u dont want or use, and then go to the recycling bin and delete it there and it worked for me, my pc is much faster

    2. +Alyssa Louard trust me, I wish that was the case but it just doesn’t help. I’ve had to completely wipe the PC and start over but it still is terribly slow

    1. probably need to upgrade the air (such as an SSD and upgrade the graphics card) or upgrade to what apple says is good for gaming the 2015-2018 MacBook Pro but don’t trust me cuz it costs a lot £750 for upgrading the air the MacBook Pro 2018 costs £1500 and 2015 costs £650 so I recommend 2015(sorry I’m in UK so I use £)

  2. I tried to play Fortnite on my $100 desktop (the Acer Revo mini-PC with Intel Celeron,) and the battle bus was half-way across the map when I loaded in. Then I played it on a $700 HP Omen (it was on sale at Best Buy,) and it ran Fortnite at epic graphics with little to no lag.

  3. Ty i didnt know that cuz my dad is going to buy me a 500€ laptop i can finally not play on mobile im so happy and its windows 10 obviously but ty anyways

  4. They keep making the game heavier and heavier and it’s killing my phone. I have had fortnite for a good amount of time and I have a pretty new phone. My phone does everything the $200 pc does besides the pixels. There textures won’t load in, the frame rate is really low, and it freezes constantly. I just want the old fortnite back where nothing lagged. Now I can’t play fortnite anymore 🙁

    Update: they made an update that fixed the issue so I can play

  5. Austin said that „Fortnite is the most popular game“ … Actually that is False because, the game:
    Super Mario 64 for the N64 (1996) is the Most Bought and a very successful game of all time and lasted over 20 years! when Fortnite on the other hand is going to die soon despite 40 million copies sold with some dumb Cartoon Character wearing some normal clothing with Guns.
    1.Mario has Overalls and a red Cap, trying to save a Princess from an Evil King, This makes Mario more like a hero, when YOU (if you play Fortnite a lot) on the other hand is KILLING other players and their creations, This makes you a Bad Villain. Mario is the Hero, You are the Villain (Unless you dont play Fortnite)

    2. Super Mario 64 is Rated KA in Japan, Meaning E rating. Fortnite on the other hand is Rated T for the Influence, GUNS, people speaking with you online. Super Mario 64 is for E for Everyone and Fortnite is rating T for Teen meaning its for 13+, meaning that the game has a Poor reputation.

    3. Super Mario 64 can run well on your Low End PC with an Emulator without Gaming PC also its good for People who want to have Nostalgia! , while Fortnite , you need a GTX Nvida 1080 Graphics Card, a Intel Core i7, and at least 8GB of ram, Costing you OVER $500 USD!

    4. On YouTube, Most videos of Super Mario 64 are not Clickbait and is Interresting!
    Fortnite on YouTube, is mostly Clickbait and mean, ESPECIALLY Ali-A (AKA the GOD AT COD)

    if you have any real Complaints, feel free to reply to this comment! also Subscribe if you want, im not forcing you to! 🙂

    1. The Nintendo 64 games are still good today, plus look at the glorious graphics on the Nintendo 64! (joke), Super Mario 64 is also good for emulation, and is a good game for all ages! you might as well live in the early 90’s for a while! (Note: its just my opinion!)

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