Chargetech Plug Pro 54K Battery Review: Mother Of All Batteries

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THIS THING IS HUGE! Do you need to power a gaming laptop while on the go? This might be your jam! A crazy 53,600mAh capacity, outputting up to 250W, and with a pair of international outlets for all cables, chargers, and connectors. It's a MONSTER. Let's check it out!

Chargetech IndieGoGo Plug page

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Chargetech Plug Pro 54K Battery Review: Mother Of All Batteries

42 Kommentare

  1. That battery has some genuine real world use cases, such as during a power cut or if people were to go camping with it. Very impressed, though it just goes to show how power Hungary powerful computers are. Seeing a pack like that, when you’re plugged in you just don’t realise the power you’re using.

    P.s. Can’t wait to see someone take their TV on the beach?

    1. +JuanBagnell no I wouldn’t either. Great video though, I’m just catching up watching your S8+ review. I’m really enjoying you’re focus on features such as natural colour, which many reviewers skip over in favour of ‚look colour!‘

    2. +JuanBagnell True. That’s why I love your reviews. What’s interesting for me is that I have an eye condition, meaning my eyes are small. Therefore, it is likely iris scanning won’t work for me (I know this from airports). This makes this fingerprint placement all the more irritating. P.S great job covering net neutrality it really is a big issue (not so much here in the U.K.) but one I’m keeping a close eye on. We should have open internet.

    3. I would definitely start now, putting pressure on your local officials and MPs. I wouldn’t wait to see if we manage to screw this up…

  2. I’m also thinking a battery like this could be great for people living in hazard prone areas. Juan, is this something you plan to add to your earthquake kit?

    1. Probably not? I worry about how to properly store it for long term, and it probably shouldn’t be kept in a car kit, so right now I’m trying to look at some waterproof batteries.

    2. That’s a good point, that thing is big and not the most practical. I’ve never lived in such an area but something like waterproof batteries (and potentially be small rugged hard drives?) are very useful.

    1. I was thinking of using on my time machine. Hate to get stuck in a time where I couldn’t charge my unit for the return trip. So yes that lack of IP68 can be a problem.

  3. That thing is pretty stealthy. I also backed an indiegogo for Omnicharge. It gives my 13-inch macbook pro about 70% more charge. And it takes 3 hours to recharge and its small (1.5lbs). The downsides are it only goes up to 20k mAh, there is fan noise sometimes and the retail price for it now is $300. But its very solid.

  4. Great review, thanks. I’m actually pretty upset with this company not so much after all the delays of everything but on top of that they just put out info on the travel version, which I ordered for long flights lacking outlets, is for checking in with luggage and not carrying on… I basically got duped.

  5. Hi +JuanBagnell! Thank you so much for this awesome review! Our PLUG is indeed the mother of all portable batteries! This bad boy can be a great addition to anyone’s arsenal. PLUG is also already up in our website for those who would want to have a go with this powerhouse. 🙂

  6. 250W AC output sounds promising, but what about DC output?
    I see it only has a USB-C port, which is fine if it’s USB-PowerDelivery compliant (ie max 20 volts at 5 amps = 100W),
    so … does it support 100W DC output?

  7. Need me something like this for my Dell G5 laptop especially at trade show events when you need to edit and render out videos on the go. Kinda expensive for me at the moment haha

    1. It really comes in handy IF you can get it to the show. I don’t travel with mine much because you’re technically not allowed to bring it on a plane.

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