Chromecast vs Roku Streaming Stick vs Amazon Fire TV Stick

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Streaming is all the rage these days, and with dongles, there is no need for a bulky box. The Google Chromecast, Roku Streaming Stick, and Amazon Fire TV Stick all look to make your media streaming life a whole lot easier. So which streaming stick is right for you?


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Chromecast vs Roku Streaming Stick vs Amazon Fire TV Stick

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    1. Love the regular reviews, but these text ones hurt!!! Sometimes I just want to put my headphones in and do other things while listening to them. I’m a tech geek but these seem useless when I my eyes have no time. ?

  1. What’s the advantages of these gadgets?
    Every smart TV can do this stuff, right?
    If your phone and TV are in the same WiFi you can just stream from Netflix, Amazon, YouTube right away.

  2. Or get the microsoft wireless display adapter v2. It’s just a wireless HDMI dongle that you plug into your TV. I just sit on the couch with my laptop now. It’s really nice

  3. Wow, rather worthless review. Almost half way through and no specific mention of product features. Then a bunch of mixed up facts with no clarity. What a waste of time.

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