Cryptonites: „The 4K no BS Blockchain Channel“ (Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency)

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Dear crypto community and blockchain buddies across the globe!

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The very first "No BS Crypto Channel" entirely built WITH and FOR the community.

The purpose of Cryptonites is to provide mass education on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and bitcoin news on a quest towards mass adoption. Uniting the early-adopters & enthusiasts is one part of the equation as we also aim to inspire and hook curious millennials as well. The more we can unite these the crypto community, the bigger the impact we can have in this fast-changing crypto and bitcoin world.

Cryptonites is a 4K professionally produced blockchain vlogging series for Youtube.
The entire concept is based around EDUTAINMENT. Community members and viewers will be 1) EDUCATED by global experts*; and be ENTERTAINED with quality visuals fun stories, anecdotes and spins.

Our 6 Golden promises to the community

1. All shows will avoid over-marketing, FOMO’ing, Shilling tokens and releasing other types of toxic content that hurt the sustainability of the community.
2. All shows will be backed up by research, data, and facts to minimize having an excess of biased opinions and views related to btc and cryptocurrency news.
3. All shows will prioritize bitcoin and blockchain experts over marketers. There are waves of masterminds out there with more hands-on experience and a deeper understanding than many of the marketers of today.
4. All shows will have a certain level of bias as we are pro-blockchain but will also include conflicting views and facts.
5. All shows will use the community both offline and online to select experts, themes and topics to build a channel with the community for the community.
6. All shows will focus on 90% value-added and only 10% of promotional content. For instance, if the show lasts 10 minutes, there shouldn’t be more than roughly 60 seconds of marketing or pitching and promoting a company.

PS: None of our crypto shows will be perfect, and although many mistakes will be made, we promise to learn, reiterate and evolve continually based on the community’s feedback.

PPS: In case of a need for sponsorship, promotional content or any alterations in the future, we will keep the communication channels open with the community at all times.

“If you want to go fast, go alone if you want to go far, go together” (African, proverb)

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Alex Fazel – Host and Creator

Liam Turner – Director, Cinematographer & Editor

Tom Mckerrow – Producer

Dog and bird

This Crypto Show is sponsored by SwissBorg.
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Cryptonites: "The 4K no BS Blockchain Channel" (Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency)

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  1. Good cinematic trailer. I’m looking forward to see experts being interviewed such as Butlerik, CZ from binance or politicians! Thanks Alex

  2. Lovely music, nice explanation!
    Taking advantage of the environment to explain the content!!

    Guys.. you are going to make from this a dream to come true!!

    Is time to start… And make the future become the present!!#WeAreSwissBorg?

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