DCUO Summer Event 2018: Base Items

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The Parrot Base Pet and 19 other Summer-themed base items were added as part of the 2018 update to the DCUO Summer Event: The Tides of War.

The Parrot Base Pet sits atop a perch, bobbing around and occasionally dancing. The Parrot doesn't leave the perch at all and I wasn't able to get it to interact with any of the other base pets. The Parrot does play sound effects, but a technical hitch prevented me from recording them at the time I recorded this video.

The other 19 base items continue the beach party/tiki theme that has been on going for several years. This year sees an animated Fire Pit, complete with realistic flame. There is also a Bamboo Shower base item, which, when activated, has a water effect.

The complete list of base items featured in the 2018 update are:

Parrot – 50x Sand Dollars
Bamboo Decoration – 6x Sand Dollars
Bamboo Frame – 15x Sand Dollars
Bamboo Shower – 25x Sand Dollars
Beach Fence – 6x Sand Dollars
Cabana Bar – 15x Sand Dollars
Cabana Bar Stool – 6x Sand Dollars
Cabana Umbrella – 15x Sand Dollars
DC Beach Blanket Bad Guys Special #1 – 6x Sand Dollars
DC Beach Blanket Bad Guys Special #1 – Large – 15x Sand Dollars
Fire Pit – 6x Sand Dollars
Leaf Fan – 6x Sand Dollars
Pier Pylon – 6x Sand Dollars
Pier Pylon Group – 6x Sand Dollars
Pier Pylon Pair – 6x Sand Dollars
Reef Porthole – Large – 15x Sand Dollars
Rowboat – 15x Sand Dollars
Rowboat – Damaged – 15x Dand Dollars
Seafloor Porthole – 6x Sand Dollars
Seafloor Porthole – Large – 15x Sand Dollars

Upon collecting all 20 of these base items, players will unlock the "Superhero Staycation" feat, a 1 star feat worth 10 feat points.

Upon collecting the Parrot base item, players will unlock the "Release the Crackers!" feat, a 0 Star feat.

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DCUO Summer Event 2018: Base Items

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  1. Nice vid! The fire pit and parrot are must-haves! I also look forward to getting those large sea windows as well.

    I probably won’t do a summer base with these alone, I’ll wait for the Aquaman sequel to make something even more special. Even still, though, I’ll be sure to gather a few of these. 🙂

    P.S. I also love the cabana stuff, reminds me of the beaches in Mexico when I went recently in rl. Perhaps I can put these to good use as well.

    1. I thought your recent ventures across the World might help these base items resonate with you more haha. I imagine you’ve got some stuff planned with the Fire Pit, already?

    2. Work in progress 🙂 Still need to finish my postponed second Spring Base lool. Those Cathedral Windows are hard to get.

    1. Haha, the Parrot actually has audio too, but my recording messed up. It’s mostly squarks, but he also says „Hello“ too.

  2. Just a little footnote:

    The Parrot has audio, too. He squarks, chirps, and says the odd phrase like „Hello“ randomly. I tried to include it in the video, but my recording failed to capture the sound.

  3. If I still had this game installed on my ps4 I would definately want to go after some of that stuff. When did they start animating base items? Unfortunately stats and numbers is an alien concept to Daybreak and the balance in their game is fubar so it was deleted. RIP DCUO.

    1. Haha that’s a minefield I’m staying clear of 😉

      When did you last play? They’ve been doing animated pets for a while now. Halloween 2016 I believe was the first pet. They’ve added a few more since then. If you’re referring more so to the animated fan base item, it’s only been since the PS3 was dropped that they’ve started doing cooler items like that.

    2. Ehh not really that it couldn’t rotate a fan, but more so that it didn’t have enough spare memory to do cool, little animations like rotating fans and such. They had to keep it to the minimum and store only high priority animations such as character-related stuff. They’ve got more room to play with, now, so they can do more stuff like that.

    1. I don’t think it does, sadly. I watched it for a few minutes and it didn’t do anything other than what was shown in the video. With that being said, Krypto doesn’t cycle all his animations in one go, either. So there’s a possibility that the Parrot does more.

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