Dell XPS 15 (2018) – Why I Didn’t Buy One This Year!

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The Dell XPS 15 (9570) 2018 is a beautiful machine but it has a major problem that stopped me from buying it this year. It's too bad because it has been my favourite laptop for the past few years. A laptop perfect for video editing and using premiere pro. Watch for the full review!

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Dell XPS 15 (2018) – Why I Didn't Buy One This Year!

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    1. Are you aware you’re comparing XPS with i9 and Razer with i7 CPU?? Get a XPS with i7 and THEN compare them. You might be surprised… XPS i7 with undervolt performs great. i9 in ANY laptop today overheats.

    2. +Matthew Moniz thinking of getting the base model to connect to egpu. Planning on upgrading the unit myself to 16gbRAM and SSD. Thoughts?

    1. +Nick tan lmao who cares about the looks… The only thing i want from the design is to not have a lot of red… And the gs65 dosent have any red soo yeah xD

    2. So is the Macbook.

      XPS is just Windows‘ Macbook just saying.

      Want education discount? Get an XPS?

      Wanna use iMessage? Get a Macbook.

  1. Good JOb !!! Dell and their Alienware need to get their thermals fixed. I want to buy the alienware as my next laptop but their crap thermals will stop me. no more three screw attachments , use the best thermal paste on market and use the best thermal pads on the market. wrtf, is this sooo tough ??? a child knows these things.

  2. I will say I’m more excited for future chrome books from Samsung. Sure they can’t render movies or play good games but love the chrome concept

    1. Bear Drew I was once very attracted by Chromebooks, but the PixelBook didn’t really impress me that much. What’s going to be special about Samsung’s new devices that’ll make them unique?

  3. I’ve seen excellent performance on mine, but I also repasted and undervolted it. 1200 on cinebench looped. However, reasons not to buy the XPS 15 9570 include that Dell has lowered the GPU max temp without saying anything from 78 to 74C, crippling performance, as well as numerous other bugs Dell has either introduced after launch or failed to address over the life of the machine.

  4. @MatthewMoniz why choosing i9 dell xps 15 if there is i7 version and probably does not throttle so much, even your razer blade 15 is not i9. I feel like this review is biased, because not exploring all options, i9 wouldnt even work properly in RB 15 so again why choosing xps 15 with i9

  5. Any major computer maker would Truly grow their sales and increase their good reputation, if they could come up with an ultimate cooling solution that allowed these machines to perform at full potential even if that meant maybe 2 mm thicker, the best thermal paste on both the gpu and cpu, pure copper heatsink, better venting and airflow, and undervolting and thermal testing at the factory and maybe a three smoother quieter fans than the always used two, and easy to use software for turning off turbo boost and cores and adjusting maximum speeds and fans. That would probably add a few ounces and a $100 or so to the cost , but dang the stability and performance would be off the charts.

    Maybe even liquid cooling.

    But I doubt they will, they are to used to doing the same thing and waiting for problems after the fact, instead of designing solutions before the problem arises, and profits that would go down if they actually invested in making the products do what is advertised.

  6. I see your point, but the fair comparison vs a vis Razer will be with the i7 XPS and you seem to have the i9 no?. Also as a practical point of view you have to factor ir that dell has quite decent onsite service available and with the blade you are at the mercy of snail mail and depot service

  7. I think your scope is a bit too narrow Moniz. As an XPS owner from the 9550-9570, I too believe there are thermal limitations. But, why degrade a laptop after just trying it with an i9, a chip that has caused problems with all thin and light laptops it’s been put in….I have the i7 9570 and after simple repasting and undervolting I have all the performance it promises. #XPS4LIFE

    1. +Matthew Moniz You don’t have to repaste! With last year’s 9560 you had to do it. With 9570 undervolting is enough to give you much better performance. And anyway, i7 throttles much less than i9 even without any mods.
      What you say in this video is not accurate, it makes you lose credibility as a reviewer…

    2. +Kamal Kristipati not everyone has a bad luck like you. Many MacBook users have issues as well. My XPS runs great and definitely faster than a MacBook, and I’ve never opened it. No issues either. The newest XPS 15 throttles less than past years XPS, but some people just assume that this one throttles and heats up as well. Well guess what – it doesn’t.

    3. +Kamal Kristipati I don’t want to even talk to you if you don’t know how to talk in a normal civilized way, but just bashing evrryone around.
      I’ve had this laptop for months, have tested it thoroughly and I know what I’m talking about. Thermal management HAS changed. Not much, but it’s more balanced and works better. No more VRM issues, which was the biggest issue with 9560. The laptop doesn’t thermal throttle, it only power throttles now. You’re just talking from reading on internet from people who didn’t have good experience and think that’s the fact. Well it’s not.
      I’ve also had an accident with this laptop, my fault, and Dell replaced the part literally the next day at my house. So much about the „bad“ support.
      Stop bashing something you’ve just read about on internet and know nothing of first hand. Talk about what you know first hand.

    4. I am afraid that it’s you who don’t seem to get it. People shouldn’t need to resolve to undervolting to get the i9 to perform as expected, which means running at full speed without starting to overheat. If you can’t grasp the concept of this issue, then I feel sorry for you

    5. +knekker1 I’m not arguing about i9 at all! In other comments I said i9 overheats in ALL current laptops. All I’m saying is that Matt picked XPS with i9 to compare it with Razer with i7. Not fair.
      XPS i7 doesn’t have these problems, it performs better than Razer in all benchmarks. AND additionally, if it’s undervolted it performs even better. But you don’t need to undervolt it if you don’t want to, it’ll still perform better than any other laptop with i7.

  8. Mathew, you are on the brink of losing credibility my friend.. everybody knows by now that the i9 have thermal issues with the XPS 15 and the MBP.. not only that, the XPS 15 performs better with the i7, it’s been tested on other channels.. so, if you want to compare the XPS 15 with the Razer 15, get an i7.. or better, have a look at other channels, it has been done.. and the XPS outperforms the Razer 15. The XPS 15 9570 is the best laptop for content creation, period. That’s why I bought mine, and I am extremely happy with it.

    1. @Kamal He’s absolutely right, and he doesn’t seem to be on an ego trip. The i9 causes a lot of problems with a lot of ultra-thins, including the MacBook earlier this year. The proper advice (which he actually followed with his Razer, seemingly unaware he could have chosen the same processor in his Dell and gotten the same result) would have been to say „get the i7 instead.“ Honestly, yeah he comes close to losing credibility because other reviewers seem to know this: Had you followed Matt’s advice, you’d have possibly been talked out of a computer you’d have loved to own for no reason. That’s what losing credibility is: I don’t know if I can trust what he says because he doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about.

  9. Why didn’t you buy the xps with the i7. Yes there are a bunch of videos with the i9 (and it’s the same overheating story). But you could’ve brought new life to this story with the i7 review

    1. Did you do this test by repasting it/undervolting it? I’ve had no issues with the thermal throttling on the i7 version by doing this.

  10. new xps 15 has a audio crackling issue even when using headphones. It’s been more than 3 months and they haven’t still fixed the problem. Never buying dell again. will buy macbook pro at least they fix the driver issue quickly. It takes forever for windows laptops to fix the driver issue

  11. I purchased the i9 version of the 9570….experienced serious thermal throttling, bit of an noob so didn’t want to do the undervolt / pasting thing, so exchanged for the i7 and then hit QC issues with the 4k screen. TBH, a real pain sorting it all out…ended up getting refund and bought a Razerblade 15 and I love it. Screen color accuracy is great straight out of the box and just feels like a quality product, will buy my own extra ram at some point and get someone to put it in for me! happy days!

  12. Nice to see I’m not the only one who experiences this thermal throttling issue (9560, i7, 32gb ram, ssd). Even with those specs, as soon as the fan comes on it’s all out the window….and it stays on most of the time while using Lightroom ? Probably going back to a Surface device next time.

  13. Hi guys,
    I like this XPS 15, if I’m going for it it will be for the i7 version.

    The big question is FHD or 4K screen? I’m mainly using an external Dell monitor.

    I’ve read that the 4K has more deviance than the FHD and impact less the battery.

    1. Finally I went for a Gigabyte Aero 15x V8 in FHD, Dell was not providing in France the configuration I wanted, XPS 15 with big batterie, 16 or 32GB of RAM with Core i7, they were pushing for Core i9 or/and 4K screen…

  14. As a Dell XPS15 previous owner I can assure you this does not happen with the i7 version. I had the i7 version, 4k screen, and 32gb of ram. I am a graphic designer doing all my work in adobe Illustrator and After Effects and that thing purred. Absolute no problems and thermals were completely under control. As to why the hell he got an i9 and rehashed the same thing every other Youtuber he said is beyond, but if you are reading this and considering buying one, I highly urge you to do so! The only reason I had to send mine back was due to some defect but I am potentially just going to get another one since I liked it so much!

    1. Awesome, I was curious about that as he has an i9 which has universal issues across all brands. My question is, how did the stock SSD and RAM perform? I don’t know if I’m better off lowering the config on those two parts and purchasing them on my own. Most likely the ram would be fine, but the SSD is a big question to me as the cost here in Canada to add 1TB is around the same to just buy a 1TB Samsung Evo 970…

    2. +Jaydeep Brar sorry for the late reply. I kept everything stock and didn’t have a single problem. Like I said I do a lot of animation work in After Effects which is notoriously tough on computers. I was doing a full animation with that laptop with full playback quality on without a single hiccup. I’d say save your money and go with the 256gb/512gb varient and just use a big external drive at your desk. Hope that helps!

    3. Is the 4k screen really worth it? I know it is beautiful but it is only 15inchs and it is hundreds of dollars more.

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