(EN, FR, DE, IT, ES) KLIM Voice – High Quality Microphone

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Desktop or table microphone for PC. Very sensitive microphone. Uses a patented audio filter to cancel out the outside noises, and focus exclusively on the voice.

Made out of metal and reinforced plastic, very solid and durable. Very stable on its stand. Has 2 LED lights.

Ideal microphone for gaming, skype calls and audio recordings.

The stem of the microphone is mobile. Total control of volume with an easily acccessible switch. Additionnal switch to mute the microphone if necessary.

It’s plug and play, you just have to plug in the microphone and it works. No software or driver to install.

Music by The Passion Hifi

KLIM Desktop USB Microphone stand for computer laptop – Gaming mic
KLIM Microphone à pied USB pour ordinateur – Micro de bureau – Microphone de gamer
KLIM Voice Desktop USB Mikrofonstand für Laptop Computer – Gaming Mic – Mikrofon PC (Rot)
KLIM Micrófono USB con base para ordenador – Micro de escritorio – Micrófono para jugadores
Microfono KLIM Desktop USB con stand per computer laptop PC – microfono gaming videogiochi

(EN, FR, DE, IT, ES) KLIM Voice – High Quality Microphone

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  1. J’ai acheté le micro klim voice et j’en suis vraiment content la qualité du micro et extraordinaire.
    Je vais bientôt me laissé dans l’aventure youtube, j’y ferais principalement du gaming, et je présenterais quelquefois des objets high tech. Je présenterai le micro klim ainsi dans cette rubrique.

    1. Mathieu NARDIN tu peux m’aider car je viens de recevoir le micro mais quand je vais dans son , enrengistrement je ne le trouve pas help plz

  2. I love this microphone! I use it every day even in my videos and for 30€ its the best and coolest ive ever seen! The LEDs are really cool ^^and the thing thst you hsve a stand for your mobile phone! My 2 neighbours are going to buy it too!
    Short: its the best microphone below 120€!

  3. I’m buying thus along with four of my friends we love this thing and got loads of people to but this I’m making new bids when it comes on Friday
    You should have this for your motto Klim number for gaming

    1. Thank you for your feedback ! Rest assured that we will watch your video and stay tuned, new videos are also coming soon on our channel. 😉

    1. Hello, the KLIM Voice is compatible with windows 10 and with any PC/Laptop (with USB port) as well.
      We choose USB instead of Jack because it’s initially for gaming and it is the most widely used medium for quality microphone input on pc and console.

    1. Hola @EL GEL!

      La mayoría de nuestros productos están disponibles solo en Europa por limitaciones logísticas, aunque esperamos que esto pueda cambiar en un futuro.

      Hay una pequeña selección de nuestros artículos en Amazon.com, desde donde quizás puedan realizar envíos a Ecuador. Este es el enlace del nuestro catálogo allí: http://amzn.to/2FM77qc

      Lamento no poder ser de más ayuda en estos momentos, si tienes cualquier otra consulta estoy a tu disposición.

      Te deseo un buen día.
      The KLIM Team

  4. Holy heck it just came today and it’s so clear for 27$ and my old mic broke because it fell off my desk when I banged it and when I did the bang test on this and it didn’t break

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