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  2. No one is talking about the ETF as SEPT 30 is here, the hypocrisy is the SEC say they cannot approve an ETF because the market is unstable, they know whales are doing the manipulation, but do nothing, they let banks cause fraud, they just get fines, they really are a joke of the world.

  3. Patrick I’d love to see where you can spend crypto, I know the specific lists will be too much but generalising some of the news like countries in one video, industries for another, companies bridging the Fiat to Crypto problem. Those types of things I’d love to see.

  4. Great video Patrick! yeah XLM and XRP are similar but XRP is miles ahead at the moment though XLM will have the ability to catch up with adoption is still slowly raising. That being said XLM has to step up its game before XRP is adopted by everyone and theres nothing but small fish left for XLM

  5. Most ppl are too stupid, sorry to say that guys. If btc was going to go to zero the financial world would never even look in to it or talk about it!. Btc is everywhere already. Put your tv on financial market they talk about it everyday. Yes its bad talk wow btc down 10% its crashing bla bla. Next day we are upp 10% they only say btc is back up. Its crazy folks! That is why I trade daily and make best profits with the help of Mr Thomas Godina, I made up to *16Btc* last week trading with his accurate signals, I always follow the right trader you can also get to him for help on *Email/skype* *thomasegordina@**gmail.com*

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