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Facebook’s announcement of its new cryptocurrency, Libra, and digital wallet, Calibra, means we all might be a step closer to adopting blockchain tech. The ability to carry around fiat-backed, digital currency in your pocket could disrupt the financial services industry. But how will rollout go for Facebook–and are people really willing to trust the company with their financial information? In this episode of TECH(feed), Juliet dives into Facebook’s announcement and discusses how it could change the banking landscape.

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Facebook’s Libra and Calibra: Crypto in your pocket | TECH(feed)

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  1. Again with the confused identity. First a social network, now then a internet company, then a communications company now wall street west. A pseudo finance company. Geez, it’s going down fast. US tech has a identity crisis.

  2. This is the company who couldn’t secure basic data. Like names, addresses and telephone numbers. Trust them with finances. We cant stop laughing.

    1. Interesting point. Libra will likely normalize crypto–I wonder how many users will then turn to something like Bitcoin after getting comfortable with a fiat-backed crypto. –Juliet

  3. „Since Libra is a fiat currency it won’t be volatile like Bitcoin“

    Uhh… I think that statement in particular requires some qualification, but other than that, I found this really informative. Good work!

    1. I mean, sure, every currency is subject to some volatility. But Libra, as a fiat currency, won’t be volatile *in the same way* as Bitcoin. Meaning, the value won’t skyrocket or plummet with supply and demand like you see with Bitcoin. Will be interesting to see how its value changes once it’s launched. Thanks for watching! –Juliet

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