FASTEST + EASIEST „Cryptokey Glitch!“ (Black Ops 3) UNLIMITED CRYPTOKEY GLITCH! – Easy BO3 Glitches!

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Unlimited Cryptokey Glitch *NEW* (Black Ops 3 Glitch!) Cryptokey Glitch Online! The BEST (Black Ops 3) Cryptokey Glitch that is FAST and EASY! Make sure you try this Unlimited Cryptokey Glitch before this Black Ops 3 Glitch is patched 🙂

▬ Hope you enjoy this Black Ops 3 Video 🙂 ▬

● Founder of New method: iHersheyss

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Unlimited Cryptokey Glitch! NEW (Black Ops 3 Glitch)

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Miricle out! *^-^*

FASTEST + EASIEST "Cryptokey Glitch!" (Black Ops 3) UNLIMITED CRYPTOKEY GLITCH! – Easy BO3 Glitches!

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    1. +DRAMABOY12 You don’t have to give me anything lol, it is m plessure posting these videos and helping out the peeps 🙂
      If you really want to though, feel free to contact me on twitter.@ItsMiricle

    1. +DMP9 Oh screw that lol, I appreciate the offer but I want to be able to be on the same updates as the vast majority of people playing the game. Then that way I am able to be a reliable source for glitches working or not.

  1. When I saw the title, I thought it was just another one of those clickbait videos. Then I saw it was by Miricle and I clicked on it faster than a pregnant girl gets kicked out of her parent’s house. Thanks, Miricle 🙂

    1. +Leo Trentin Grounded means punishment. So whenever someone says they are grounded they just mean they are on punishment. If you don’t know what punishment is its really just the consequence of your action.

    1. dont know, i got a couple but then messed up my timing and couldn’t do it again, i think it does, you can try it does no harm if you fail.

  2. everyone is saying its patched, no its isn’t its just harder to get the timing right I’ve been doing this for 2days I’ve made around 10k cryptokeys and got marshalls,rift E9 enforcer furys song and butterfly knife all I need now is MX garand

  3. i was new to black ops 3 and didnt kno wat cryptokeys do so i let em stack up. 2 weeks later got diy peace keeper and butterfly knife

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