FB Hacked… Again!!! S. Korea: Crypto Is “Financial Products” BitGo To $1 Trillion?!? Binance DEX

Facebook hacked (again), South Korea says crypto is “financial products,” 333ETH blacklisted by MetaMask, BitGo prepares for $1 Trillion, favorite cryptos by country, Opera Browser supports Ethereum, crypto news, and more!
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0:50 Markets
1:40 South Korea says crypto is “financial products”
4:32 ? All the money in the world:
5:52 Facebook security breach:
7:25 333ETH blacklisted by MetaMask:
8:50 Favorite cryptos by country:
9:26 Opera browser supports Ethereum:
10:00 Official Opera statement:
10:17 Tron (TRX) updates:
10:40 IOTA (MIOTA) introduces bIOTAsphere:
11:52 Binance (BNB) DEX coming soon:
12:14 ARK Core v2: Final testing:
12:52 XRP x FX Choice:
13:31 ICON (ICX) x aSSIST:
14:23 Zcoin (XZC) Dandelion++
15:00 How Dandelion++ works:
15:13 Chainzilla (ZILLA) interview:
15:30 ⚠️ Telegram scams:
16:15 LINE 5 dApps:
17:17 Less than 1% use crypto for Pornhub:
17:25 BitGo to $1Trillion?!?
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33 Kommentare

  1. A lot of people don’t realise that the market cap is only an evaluated price. The actual money invested is less that 5% of the market cap. Think of it this way. If you bought 1 btc 5 or 6 years ago at $100, it is now worth $6700 according to the last transaction price X circulating supply, not what you paid for it 5 or 6 years ago.

    1. Ahhh… thank you for this clarification–makes sense. I’d always heard that market cap is tricky like that, but never quite understood *why*, but this helps. Thanks!

    2. +taylorj6177. Your welcome. There are other factors that contribute to this but a little to extensive to explain here. This is why the prices are so easily manipulated by only a small fraction of the market cap

    3. Well, yea. Marketcap was never a measure of how much money a team, company, or foundation has lying around… this is just confusion. Bitcoin isn’t a company… it has a market cap of $115 billion, but that oviously does not mean there is $115 billion locked up somewhere…

  2. Забудьте все, что произошло раньше! Здесь теперь появится настоящая бомба – есть бесплатная раздача icx монет на newairdrops.сайт / токены / значок

    1. +Brian McKee no Brian I haven’t researched nor invested in Elastos. That’s why I asked why is it a bad investment? Can you share what will happen in Feb 2019?

    2. +Brian M. are you implying something related to the ETF approval, supposedly to be determined by Feb. ’19 and that the ETF would be the superior „investment“ (over ELA)?

    1. Deleted off and on over the past few years–been pretty much off for year now. The only thing I’m pissed I missed in that whole time was that my friend from college started working for Holochain and I missed the ICO :(( But it’s still a badass project

  3. I agree that the decentralization movement is growing. It’s a reason to be bullish on crypto long term.

    What do people in this room think will be the most successful protocol? ETH, EOS, other?

  4. Newsletter….Marketing hype not appreciated . You don’t even give 24 hours from video release to sign up for free places… Obviously, the link „had to be“ posted on Telescam first. There we are, we can’t always expect freebies I guess .Also, one less thing to read. Hope the excellent content on this YouTube won’t be affected (although certain content has already been held back)

  5. I’m pumped man. A lot of alt coins have started breaking out of their long term descending trend lines. I’m more bullish now than any time thus far in 2018!!! keep up the content people will need you when fomo kicks back in haha

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