GAME CHANGER? What BAKKT Means for BITCOIN – Today’s Crypto News

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In this video, Mattie talks about Bakkt and what it means for bitcoin. He also talks about Coinbase's new partnership with Caspian. This is a daily segment! Read more on our website!
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Bakkt By Bitcoin

Bakkt on Twitter

Bakkt web site

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Coinbase Struck a New Partnership

Coinbase and Caspian Partner to Drive Institutional Participation in Crypto

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37 Kommentare

  1. One phrase….. *game changer*
    BAKKT it’s going to completely change the crypto space forever. I don’t think people understand the gravity of how much of a game-changer this is. Most people are not grasping that when this goes into operation the amount of volume is going to spike massively and crypto will officially have entered into phase 2 which is institutional investment on a large scale which is going to bring Bitcoin to entirely new levels. Going forward we are not going to see 4-Digit Bitcoin anymore…. this is the last of four digit Bitcoin that we are in right now. Plan accordingly

    1. XRP is the best crypto because it exists to help speed up money transfers for banks. Who cares about stuff like having control of your own money when we could help the banks get faster instead. *sarcasm*

    1. +dan townsend if you are curious enough you will search, read and make your own conclusions. ETN have been already almost a year in crypto. And it’s pretty solid project and they have use case in comparison to the 99 % of the cryptos they ahead almost on everything.

  2. I am not a big fan of XRP but…. it cannot be denied this project absolutely has the funding, partnerships and backing to justify a decent piece of portfolio space. Good luck to you all. EXRN NBAI HOT are 3 of my bags.:)

  3. I think this is all wrong. “Legitimize” you mean the free market? Shouldn’t it be the other way to realize the “ill legitimacy” of the current situation? Wouldn’t surprise me if you guys already got paid out to spread such rubbish all day by those who ruined the free market In the first place just to hopefully replace
    The same old with a digital true Slave version of fiat

  4. Great job Mattie. My take on BAKKT: It’s already priced in, but if it is well received, it has the potential of dramatically increasing volume and a corresponding price increase.

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