Hand Feeding Monster Black Piranha

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He started stiring up the tank when he saw me prepping his favorite salmon dinner. Mmmmm extra slimy.

Hand Feeding Monster Black Piranha

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  1. Is this fish still alive and if so, how big is he now? Looks like he has been 17.5 10 years ago, so i guess he’s over 18″ now? Would be a record sized fish!

    1. Plz do a new video in nice quality where you can somehoe see the measurment! This should be the biggest Rhombeus in captivity!

    2. Anyway: Plz do a new video of this awesome fish! Also can you tell where he is from? I heared that the biggest rhombeus are from peru or guyama, is that correct?

    3. Important Stuff I had him imported from Peru I was told he came from the Napo River, a tributary of the Amazon…. I will get a new video soon

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