Have people finally lost their interest in Bitcoin and Crypto?


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    1. @sunny decree, I know what’s going to happen to bitcoin for the rest of 2018 and probably 2019; Absolutely nothing. In other words, no significant change for the next 1-2 years, possibly more. Just because there was a massive bull run in winter of 2017 doesn’t mean it will happen again at this exact time.

      People think the charts are waiting to burst above 6800 or it’s time for a surge, etc… That’s all baloney because past events are not indicative of future results, duh! Just invest now or keep the coins you have and simply forget about them. When speculation and the media dies down, one day it will surge again and this time for those who missed it, be ready because not only will you cash in on bitcoin, those newer cryptocurrencies you’re investing in will benefit too, you just watch~

  1. Prepare for the biggest bullrun humanity has ever experienced in history!

    What do we have going for us apart from the fact that China just declared Etherium an asset and the Chinese president expressed in May that the Blockchain is bigger innovation than the internet itself?

    – BAKKT – opening doors in November, these guys are indeded BACKED *New York Stock Exchange* *Microsoft* *Starbucks* – Their business model is the most bullish thing ever!

    – Fidelity another they control assets of over $2.4 trillion

    – Coinbase + BLACKROCK ETF (Coinbase falls $6,8 trillion short from Blackrock)

    – CBOE ETF might (I believe will) get approved in late February!

    – Stanford university has 10 Crypto/Blockchain programs as well as other top tier universities are in.

    – Bill Clinton is a speaker this week in regards to crypto, THAT’S CRAZY!

    – Unconfirmed Bitcoin transactions are around 2000 everytime I check, in contrast to 200 000 when I was checking in December, tech is improving (yes I know it will increase when the bullmarket happens, but one can argue the Lightning network will already take off)

    – China is bound to unban crypto soon (they hinted this, but in 2019 earliest)

    – OmesiGo is going to introduce Plasma soon, and this will scale Etherium like hell, GAME CHANGER.

    Around 4 million from the total 21 million Bitcoin is already lost.

    People are running out of bad things to call Bitcoin & the cryptomarket as a whole.

  2. Strange title (clickbait), now we finally see bullish divergences and very strong fundamentals to go for a good bullrun.
    I think the people now are getting ready to go into crypto.

  3. Hallo Sunny, ich kenne den Direktor der Swissquote in Zürich wenn du dort mal was abmachen möchtest ;D
    Soviel ich weiss handeln die bereits mit Kryptos, einfach diese neue Filiale in der Ecke geht Ende Jahr auf.

  4. I do actually think its worth sitting on for many years…we are not really ready for it yet..there is still alot of testing ect to do befor companys feel comfortable about using it…so yeh..id say a few years

  5. I have nothing negative to so say about u sunny keep up inspiring and bringing out those videos. It shows commitment to the community 🙂

  6. yooooo… you got me, i thought these were your comments… i was so sad for you for a moment… now i’m happy, b/c they’re all about alessio – and honestly, that guy is ridiculous. TA and day trading is for people who don’t listen to warren buffet (Although i disagree with the oracle about crypto) – that said, taking the opposite approach of trying to predict short term ups and downs is a waste of time. Do some research, watch the market, and then wait long term. Anyone with half a brain can see that projects with promise are btc, xrp, ada…. just buy, and go long. If you beat the dollar, and the market, you did well – don’t cry. Sunny, I like you cause you admit you’re an amatuer, and you admit your mistakes… stay humble, stay hungry, keep learning… we’re learning with you… thanks Sunny! oh, and decree is pronounced decreeeee with emphasis on the last vowel, not the first (just sayin)

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