[HBD Chas!] Fashion | Tsumugi Shirogane MEP | Full MEP #4

Banker Geheimnis


Happy birthday to chas aka Viambèri! We all love you and we hope you enjoy this MEP we put together for you!! Have a good day ya Magi/Shirogane yiffer
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I'd also like to quickly say thanks to everyone for finishing their parts and a huge thank you to Sibel and Cait for taking super quick replacement parts, and thank u to both parts of chaul for taking two parts,, like this MEP wouldnt have happened without you guys so bless
♡ part 0 (intro): Tempus

♡ part 1: Mikan Kimura

♡ part 2: krypto

♡ part 3: Kuomi

♡ part 4: mowgloi

♡ part 5A: verii

♡ part 5B: XElectrica

♡ part 6: kuwoui

♡ part 7: Yandi

♡ part 8: kuwoui

♡ part 9: mowgloi

♡ part 10: kiibokiibokii
(youre already here!)
♡ i do NOT own any of the content in this video and i do NOT make any profit whatsoever of this. all content (song, anime & fanart) belongs to the original owners. please contact me if any of your works were featured in this video and you want direct credit listed here.
♡ just for information sake, the reason i do not tend to post art links by default is due to how much extra time it takes to keep track of each art source, especially when most sources are hard to find nowadays. i'm always willing to post sources when provided or specifically asked, however!

[HBD Chas!] Fashion | Tsumugi Shirogane MEP | Full MEP #4

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    Happy birth

  2. is it wrong for me to worship this gorgeous lump of glowing ray of sunshine

    what am i even saying


  3. You wanna know how I knew she was the mastermind? With Miu dead, she was the only busty chick left so by process of elimination of course she would be the mastermind since Junko had a huge rack too

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