How secure are exchanges like Binance and Kraken?

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My name is Dr. Julian Hosp or just Julian.
My videos are about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain and crypto currencies in general, to avoid scam, rip-off and fraud especially in mining. I'm talking about how you can invest wisely and do it rationally and simply. My ultimate goal is to make people all around the world #CRYPTOFIT. I.E fit for this new wave of decentralization and blockchain. Have fun!

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How secure are exchanges like Binance and Kraken?

11 Kommentare

  1. Wie immer lohnenswert. Ist vielleicht nicht ganz dein Thema, aber ich habe mir letztens Gedanken über Bitcoin als sicheres Tauschmittel in Kriegs- bzw Kriesen-Gebieten gemacht. Auch als Spendengelder wäre Bitcoin die Lösung um Veruntreuung zu verhindern. Vielleicht hast du ja lust darüber mal ein Video zu machen um auch die sozialen Seiten von Krypto-Währungen aufzudecken. Zum Beispiel gab es eine 4 Millionen Dollar spende von Asthon Kutcher in Form von Ripple in den Schutz der Gorillas.
    Kann es aber verstehen wenn du darauf keine Lust hast.

  2. Das T-Shirt ist Klasse. Versuche auch grad meinem Umfeld und meinen Steem Followern die Wichtigkeit des Privat Keys zu verdeutlichen. Viele haben sich noch nie damit befasst. Leider!!!

  3. PAY is back to all time lows. It’s a major achievement, beat most ALTs to the lows. The market is always right, nvm if it can bring the dead back to live.

  4. Do any exchanges around right now offer any guarantees or re-imbursement for any coins which are hacked/stolen? I recall one incident where an exchange used their own money to re-imburse their customers who had lost out, I dont remember which one it was though….i doubt they guaranteed to do this, but just did it at the time to maintain their reputation. However, this is only practical if the amounts are not too large and the exchange is wealthy and responsible enough. I suppose this is where having crypto exchanges backed by financial authorities (or maybe just themselves!) might be a good thing. For now though, own private keys people!

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