How The Batman v Superman SDCC Teaser Should Have Ended

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The Comic Con Teaser for Dawn of Justice left everyone wanting more. Obviously this is how we think it should have ended.

For more of the Versus Debate check out our super cafe episode here:

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How The Batman v Superman SDCC Teaser Should Have Ended

96 Kommentare

    1. +Mike Lee He doesn’t need to, but he can. Superman has, and can, move planets. He’s not careless enough to destroy one, unlike Goku. The test of the better Hero is not brute strength, but the strength of your courage, and heart. And of course, with a side of „stronger than Goku“ 😉

    2. +Shazam Gibbs-Velez And don’t forget to mention Shenron the dragon that grants all wishes and Goku would easily win in his SS God form Superman is strong but nothing compared to a God especially Goku with amazing strength in his normal form Goku has the ability of instant transmission which means he can travel faster then light instantly traveling anywhere in the universe with a thought

    3. +justinlikesprototype
      Neither Superman or Goku are intrinsically evil or violent so they wouldn’t fight. SSJ God needs time and preparation, and then we are stepping into the realm of Superman versus Batman. Goku needs to have a clear idea of where he is trying to go to instant transmission, he has been shown to be too clouded to think of such a place during Dragon Ball. Two different fandoms and they will never meet. It is fun to argue but truth be told if they were in the same universe Superman would never fight Goku, both are peace loving characters. Had you said something like Superman vs Vegeta or Goku vs Zod then yes I could argue more extensively but as it goes these are heroes, heroes that are peace loving characters. Goku is pretty much the Same character he was in Dragon ball a peace loving kid that fights for the love of sport.

    4. Or possibly either Goku or Superman could be put under mind control or a spell causing them to become evil and attack each other

    5. Who? Why? Placing way too many hypothetical into the arena, it because a banal crossover if they were to ever meet with the pretense of mind control. Every series has done that, and rarely are they any good. Prefer Good versus evil, that way  you know the hero is giving their all. I mean on rare occasion does mind manipulation come with a power boost. Maybe from Bababdi, though really that was just Vegeta playing along for a power boost.

  1. I can’t believe I’m getting myself dragged into this… Okay yes Clark could fly Bruce into space, fry him with his heat vision, punch him into atoms, etc…  but the thing is he wouldn’t. he would never do that.  Every writer that has written his character has established that Superman would never do that to any of his opponents.  Bruce has been established as knowing this.  The writers of batman and superman comics have also established that one of batman roles in the JLA is to device contingency plans.  The kryptonite ring wouldn’t do much against Clark, it’s supposed to be symbolic of Clark’s trust in Bruce.  In the Superman comic the third kryptonian, Clark assists Bruce in creating weapons and tools to neutralize all of his kryptonian powers.  Bruce literally has an arsenal and a dozen contingencies in place.  It all depends on how you define winning a fight.  Bruce also has no intention of killing, but he will manipulate Clark into a situation where he either can’t win or has to give up.  An example would be their battle in the Hush story line.  He lies to clark and says he has opened a gas line and if he were to spark his heat vision the daily planet and the whole block would blow up.  The writers also have Bruce say the line that if Clark wanted to he could squish him into the cement, but he knows that Clark is deep down a good person and deep down bruce is not.  That is why Bruce is able to manipulate and defeat members of the league. He’s the worlds greatest manipulator and cheater.  If the Superman were a cold blooded killer, Bruce would not stand a chance in a one on one fight.  How they are written in the comics, he has a chance.  

    1. +Sam69t Ok but how am I wrong? The point I’m making is you can prepare for something your whole life but that doesn’t mean you’ll come out on top when you face the problem you’re preparing for. Batman can prepare for Supes for 10 years but unless he has kryptonite, or some type of magical item, or alien technology then I don’t see him winning and I don’t see him having any of those during a first encounter. Seriously how many times do I need to say that. I don’t even care that much about them fighting anyway. I’d rather see them teaming up.

    2. They will be at the end. Ok on a stright up fight without kryptonite best bats would do is hold him off but he will look into it first. Like when you said about the bear you wouldn’t go into that fight without the gun? So batman would be the same.

    3. +Sam69t Yeah I know and I’m not saying Batman wouldn’t have a good plan but I’m just saying it would be tough without some kryptonite or something.

    1. magmablock Wait…. So it’s illegal to enjoy both. Like you’re not allowed to but the comments tell you otherwise? They tell you it’s legal to enjoy both and you are allowed to?

  2. Does anyone else think there is a possibility of green arrow in this movie? After all he helps batman beat superman in the Dark Night Returns.

    1. +Shiraz Khan Oh, should have mentioned their comics, I actually forgot they had comics O___o DC seems to be more well known in that area though

  3. Avengers has post credits Shawarma scene.
    This better have post credits Coffee scene…. I’m not even Joking, if DC wanna sway Marvel fans over they have to be able to make jokes every now and then!

    1. Yes because I am sure there are noooooooooo marvel and DC fans out Nope not a single way that there can be Marvel and DC fans out there. I am not one. My friends aren’t. My favorite movies are the Dark Knight and wait for it… Guardians of the galaxy. Sue me. Execute me. Throw me in jail. For LIFE.

    1. All you of you who think DC can win against marvel are wrong 1 because know one knows what elements in the marvel universe can do to superman 2 Hulk gets stronger the madder he gets do you imagine how much damage he could do if he got super pissed off 3 deadpool character who can break the has the cartoon pocket that can pull anything out of nowhere even stuff that doesn’t exist he can never die because of his healing factor and because death herself can bring him back to life so deadpool vs superman deadpool pulls out a red kryptonite sword out of nowhere and just kills superman and Martian man hunter vs deadpool deadpool cat be mind controlled and you know what happened the last time some one tried a new voice in his head showed up devoured the other ones and then he killed the entire marvel universe boom argument over mic drop

      if Marvel Wins DC FANS WILL BURN THE PLACE
      either way is going to be total destruction, Armageddon
      you and your stupid ideas

  4. I’m a fan of both Marvel and DC (cue 0:55), and I hate it when fans of one fight with fans of the other. We comic book lovers should stick together and be friends! 🙂

    1. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    2. +MegaBubba22 *Why You Are Absolutely Right:*
      There’s going to be a backlash eventually. There’s going to be a societal schism, of people SCREAMING: „Geek culture is NOT mainstream pop culture! Let’s get back to what matters: Cops, pilots, cops, doctors, cops, football players, and cops!“
      When that day comes, when society is shouting „NERRRD!!!“ in our faces, it would be best if DC and Marvel fans were unified and defending each other.

  5. if they find a way to stick the „Superman/Batman in the coffeehouse“ thing into the movie, I will scream to the Heavens with joy

    1. +Mr. Coffee Guy It actually sucks, I’ve tried a similar place(Not named Schwarma, but the food-thing was named that), and it was nasty.

    2. +The Soul of Silver
      Maybe that’s why everybody looks disappointed at the end.
      Also, have you tried doner?  It’s a bigger gyro wrap that’s popular in Germany.  It is drastically delicious.

    1. I guess you’re right, since (SPOILER) the dirt flew up at the end, and they wouldn’t kill off Superman like that. DC wouldn’t make that his last movie.

    2. +Toblant Hantrel yep. if he dies like forever, it will be way too easy to forget about him completely. How would Batman find opponents as strong as Superman

    1. lol it was just a joke, god, i remember it a lot more then you, the only thing lois said was it’s his mother and batman started to think a little

    1. Yeah I just hope that justice league movie doesn’t suck. I mean, just looking at it so far and learning who the writer is didn’t really get me all that excited. Although, I try not to judge a book by it’s cover.

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