How to activate your McAfee product subscription

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Learn how to redeem a McAfee product card that you purchased in-store and activate your subscription at . Redeeming also allows you to download and install your McAfee product.

► View the related article on the McAfee Support Site: TS101807 –

If you have questions or need help with your McAfee products, our support team is always available at . We also answer questions on Facebook and Twitter Monday – Friday, 7a – 7p Central Time (except holidays), responding to inquiries in the order received.

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How to activate your McAfee product subscription

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  1. .I submitted the product key and then logged into the mcafee account at last ‚auto renewal‘ appears as you pressed continued or skipped… and it comes many details to be fill with payment methods ….I could not skip without filling details and choosing payments ……what was that

    1. Thanks for your question, and and we apologize for any confusion caused! When you activate, depending on the product and the options that you choose, you might be prompted to submit your payment details for auto-renewal. (Auto-renewal automatically renews your McAfee product subscription every year before it expires. This ensures that your protection is never interrupted). Anyhow, if you are concerned, please reach out to our Support team who’ll be happy to assist:

  2. why I cannot install this product to my pc. It always looking for Windows Update. I try the given windows update, but it comes with an error. Untill now I cannot install this

    1. Thank you for your question. Our security software for Windows will only install on supported versions of Windows, so it sounds like the version of Windows you have might not be supported. If the error message you are seeing happens when you try to update Windows, you should contact Microsoft Technical Support for more help. If the error that you see is a McAfee error message, please reach out to our Support team who’ll be happy to assist:

  3. I uninstalled my old McAfee and reinstalled the one from my new ISP. Everything says active, current, etc., but the sw has a „Real-Time Scanning is Off“ error. When I try to get support via email OR chat it asks for info not in my account as verification. I have the serial number you gave me. Nothing asks for that and I have NO WAY to reach ANYONE for support. I have been trying and trying and trying repeatedly. I urgently need help. The anti-virus software I own from you is NOT working. Thanks. (And I’ve already tried reinstalling many times. Same error.)

    1. Hi Michelle, and thanks for your question. Sorry you’ve been having this problem, but we should hopefully be able to fix this for you with a special tool called the McAfee Diagnose and Repair tool, which is available in an article from our Consumer Support Portal. To see the article and run the tool, click here: When you open the article, click the red „Download and Run“ button to get started. Let me know how this goes!

    1. Hi DannyS86, and thanks for the question. I think it’s best if you speak with one of our Customer Service agents as the type of product keys that you have, and the type of products that you already have installed will affect your options. My colleagues in Customer Service will be able to look at your current McAfee account and product subscriptions, and suggest the best way forward. To speak to Customer Service, click here:

  4. Bought one of these & part of the 25 digit activation code came off with the peel off cover over the code so I don’t know the 7th or 12th digits & trying to get this resolved with customer service has been a nightmare. On the phone for 2+ hours sending them pictures of the receipt over & over then they say I should get an email to make an account then not hearing back for weeks before calling back & them asking for more pictures that their website won’t accept dut to the picture file being too big. Waiting to hear back now. Supposedly they will call back within 1 hour. Might just try the free Kaspersky or something. Has been a long month (since Christmas Eve) trying to get this resolved.
    Update customer service couldn’t help activate an account or give a refund, total waste of time unfortunately.

    1. Hi Zortex, and thanks for your question! Yes, you should still activate the McAfee software that is pre-installed on your PC. Activating ensures that you keep your right to use the product if, for example, you have to uninstall and reinstall the product for some reason.

      We have an Knowledge Base article that walks you through the Activation process: Simply follow the steps in that article and, if you have a problem, get back to me or use the Contact Technical Support link.

    2. @Review Site Hi there, and thanks for your comment. It’s really hard for me to say what the problem is without knowing a bit more about the McAfee software you have installed, and the errors (if any) you get while trying to renew.

      I’m guessing that the product key that you are trying to renew with doesn’t match with the McAfee software that you have installed, but I could be wrong. So to avoid guessing the cause which will only cause more frustration, I think it’s best if you speak with one of our Customer Support agents. They will be able to look into your account to see exactly what you have installed and will help you renew the correct product. To speak to them (via online chat, or phone) click here:, then click „Renewal“, and finally „Renewal Issue or Question“.

    3. I see​. When installing onto macOS, it’s always a good idea to check your Downloads for any older versions of the McAfee installer .dmg files. If you find any, rename or delete the file. Older copies of the installer .dmg in your Downloads folder could result in your Mac using the wrong installer when you double-click, preventing your product from successfully installing.

      If there are no older files, can you:

      1) Delete the install .dmg file that you downloaded.
      2) Log in to, and download it again – (it’s possible that your previous download was corrupt somehow).
      3) Once downloaded, restart your Mac.
      4) Log back into your Mac and double-click the installer again. Hopefully that will work.

      If not, can you let me know the version of macOS that you’re running? Our Mac products require Apple macOS 10.12 or later, so if you have an earlier version, you won’t be able to install.

      Lastly, it’s worth reviewing this article that explains how to install on macOS: Let me know how you get on.

  5. excuse me Sir, i have trouble in activating mcafee total protection subscription the error is #hm, we were interrupted.Make sure you’re online and try again.
    i am already connected in #LAN and getting good network but still it is showing this error please can you resolve this problem.
    i tried so many times but it will repeating same error please Sir

    1. Hi Madhan, and thanks for your question. The only thing I can think of is that your Internet connection is being restricted or redirected in some way (maybe by a Firewall or VPN software). Either of these could potentially cause the activation to fail.

      So if you have a Firewall or Virtual Private Network (VPN) software running, try temporarily disabling it or changing the configuration to see if the activation completes successfully. If you are able to successfully activate, remember to reset your VPN/Firewall back to their original settings.

      If you’re not sure about making these types of changes, contact our Technical Support team who will be happy to help you:

  6. they forced me to change my email password…i changed …its scary. at the last asked card type, card number and its security code. i am not going use it anymore

    1. Hi Suman, can you clarify who forced you to change your password? Your McAfee software shouldn’t do this, so maybe you need to speak with one of our advisors to clarify the situation. You can do this by clicking here: and selecting „Account Information and Other“.

    1. The way I understand it, the code should add that additional year to your subscription. However to be certain, you should speak with one of our expert Customer Service team who’ll let you know 100%. You can speak to them via phone or chat by clicking here: and choosing „Renewal“, and then „Renewal Issue Or Question“.

    2. @McAfee Support it doesn’t, I downloaded the software and it said it installed then I open it and say expiring in 4 days. This sucks!

    1. Hi Uwu and thanks for your question. Do you have the McAfee software installed on a Windows PC? If so follow the steps in this video to remove it: If you’re using a different device or computer, let me know and I’ll give the the appropriate steps.

    1. Hi there, and thanks for your question. It seems that we’ve temporarily removed the Language selection option from the Activation website. Sorry for the confusion! So for now, just type your activation code into the field, and click Submit. Let me know if you have any other questions!

    1. Hello Darshan,
      If you are activating the exact same subscription type you had previously, then the subscription will be extended to reflect the newly added time.
      If you are activating a different subscription type, this will add the new subscription to your account.
      Our support team can help if you run into any issues. You can find their contact information after completing a short webform at
      -Kate M

    1. Thanks for reaching out. If your subscription is about to expire, you can purchase directly from our website at or purchase a retail card and activate the subscription at If the subscription is for the same version of McAfee, you shouldn’t need to install because it should extend the current expiration date. If you buy a different version, you will need to install it, -Cheryl S

  7. look i bought the code from walmart but then i reseted my laptop yesterday and when i sign in it gave me a 30 free trail but i bought a full year code in may and i dont want to lose that how do i recover my subscription

    1. Thanks for reaching out. When you activate your subscription, it will create a McAfee account under the email address you provide where your subscriptions will be listed. You can log in to the account and download the software for as long as the subscription is active. -Cheryl S

  8. Hi, I got the anti virus for 1 device. I have two devices connected to my account and the anti virus is on the device that I don’t want it on. How do I transfer it over? BTW under my laptop it says inactive

    1. Why am I here? So you need to log in to your e-mail acount(on the device you want it on)and click the email that confirms you purchase and there should be a link to download mcafee(you can uninstall it on the device you don’t want it on).Sorry for my english but its not my first language.If you have any questions feel free to ask🙂

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