How To Convert .HEIC to .JPG On Windows PC or MAC Computer

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How to CONVERT .HEIF/.HEIC files to .JPG or PNG format on a PC or MAC computer.How to change iOS 11 image format convert HEIC To JPEG. iMazing is free as of now and is a simple drag-and-drop system, which allows users to reformat HEIC files as either JPG or PNG instead. HEIC isn't an Apple invention, it was developed by the MPEG group that also developed the AAC format used in iTunes.

How To Stop iOS 11 From Saving Photos/Images In .HEIC/.HEIF Format:


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How To Convert .HEIC to .JPG On Windows PC or MAC Computer

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  1. You are the best mate
    *Can you help me how can I open my presentation I created on Mac using keynote . I can’t open it on my windows pc

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  2. One can easily convert HEIC file on windows to JPG just by clicking on edit option and then without any changes select save a copy. it will automatically be saved in JPG format.

  3. I’ve already taken hundreds of pictures on my iphone 8plus without realizing that they were being stored as HEIC and not JPEG. In the past, I’ve always uploaded my pics to Picasa. I know that Google no longer supports Picasa, but I still use it. However, I can’t get those iphone 8plus pics that I’ve already take to upload to Picasa.

    Again there are hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures. Any advice or suggestion for a quick conversion?

    1. in that situation you should upload them to your iCloud account at least at first so you know you don’t loos them. You get 5GB free of space which isn’t much. They way I do it is I also use to use Picasa but now it’s not available any more so I use google photos instead. You can choose to upload all your photos for free and there is no limit. I really should do a video on this for everyone to maybe help simplify this kinds of stuff. It can definitely be confusing

  4. Thank you, Jamie! Your explanation was straight forward, concise and accurate. This quickly answered my questions and solved my problem. Sure do appreciate your help.

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  5. Thank you, Jamie! You’re a lifesaver! I thought I was going to need to alter each file, one by one. But with IMazing, I dropped the all of my pictures into the app at once and the conversion process was done in like 10 seconds. I also just checked out your video re: iPhone photo settings. Super helpful! Thanks again 🙂

    1. Awesome thanks for the cool comment please hit the like button on a few of my other YouTube videos for me to help me keep creating up for content for everyone thank you so much have a wonderful day and share this video as many times as you can for me

    1. LOL you’re welcome Melissa thanks for the comment I’m glad this helped you out be sure to hit the like button for me thanks??

    1. You might need to first try a different converter. I don’t know if that’s the issue or not but that’s what I would try first. See if it works then.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing you have saved my photos! Did anything happen to the video files? I can’t use my windows movie maker with them anymore.

    1. I know they don’t support movie maker anymore but I would think you could still edit your videos but maybe it won’t work .mov files

  7. Awesome tip! Thanks a lot! (Used to do this by importing to the Photos app on Mac and exporting from there as JPEG and then deleting from the Photos app again but the whole process was a bit tedious, especially if you need to do this often.)

  8. Is there any way to convert a mass amount of images? I’ve taken a ton over the past year and I don’t have time to convert them individually. Thanks for the great video by the way!

    1. @Jamie Wagner Yeah? How? I have 13,000 pictures taken with an iPhone 7 that I moved to an external hard drive connected to a Windows based desktop after I switched back to an android device. How can I convert all of these and not use the next year of my life doing it?

  9. I tried that program, but when I tried to drag the photo files from my email it either wasn’t letting me grab it or dump it into imazing screen.

    1. I wonder if they changed something or updated it or are you making sure the files are compatible? cause I know back when I did this video it worked perfect for me

    2. I also have the same problem, I installed this application to my pc hoping that I may convert heic files to jpeg. However the heic photos that I am dragging to the application does not show up on the imazing screen…

    3. Jamie Wagner thanks for responding. I think I’m missing your point about compatibility? Isn’t the issue converting incompatible files? I tried your suggested to change the settings on my iPhone. I’ll see if that helps.

    1. I think it’s because the computer didn’t recognize the file type I believe. I think you need to convert it to a normal jpeg file. That way you can view the file because I’m not sure windows natively supports the newer files yet

  10. I tried this Method and it went smoothly until I reopened file once converted and all the photos are purple and the photo is out of completely out of focus. They did not look like this on my camera screen…… ??

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