How to Download Yandere Simulator

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How to Download Yandere Simulator

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    1. I relate.. My profile pic tells you who my bias is c: All the way since March 2014, Jin has been my bias. Before that was Squishy Yoongi :3

  1. So do I have to download the game every time I want to play it? Because I thought it was finished downloading the first time and when I went to open it to try the game out, it gave me an error pop up and after opening the launcher again, it’s re-downloading.

    1. i had a problem like this too. Everytime i played it and exited out, in order to play it again i would have to download it again. It got annoying so i stopped playing it. I STILL HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO FIX IT.

    2. No, you do not. Just go to your downloads. Note: When the download notice pops up click save and then run. When the launcher is downloaded and you click play/start it should be there. Next time you play it just go to your files and click the tab downloads. A big swirly red heart saying yandere simulator should be there. Right click it and at the very top click open.

  2. Why is it taking long? I’ve been waiting for about 3 hours and it just makes an error at the end of the download. I also tried the latest launcher, but it also doesn’t work. I tried emailing the one you said to email, he’s not responding 2 days ago. I really want to play Yandere Simulator! It looks so cool 🙁

    1. That means the game isn’t sutible for your PC, you have a poor Wi-Fi connection or you don’t have enough storage

  3. Me from 2018: Still hasn’t finished yet, I don’t think. And isn’t available for Macs… last time I checked. Well, guess I’ll just continue watching these videos and get it once it’s done! That way maybe I’ll actually be old enough to play it…

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