How To Get 3rd Party Cables(Ebay/Amazon) To Work With Vagcom/VCDS Lite

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In this video I show you how to get the Ebay/Amazon, or any other 3rd party cable to work with VCDS Lite. This cable will only work with VCDS Lite and you will therefore have limited options and functions.

Driver for cable:

VCDS Lite:

I am not a professional mechanic and can not be held responsible.

How To Get 3rd Party Cables(Ebay/Amazon) To Work With Vagcom/VCDS Lite

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    1. i have polo 6R (2010) and VCDS not working with.i read other forum i need CAN type not kkl all modern use i think 2016 Spec jetta to mk5 or 6. and check sellers description your car supported with this cable or not.

    1. VCDS-lite has limited functions vs full version. U cant adapt or recode modules with lite. U can check fault codes and clear them. VCDS-Lite shows all the DTC’s but gives description only on 1st faultcode.

    1. you need vcds 10.6 and higher version with can bus communication. version in this video is for vehicles without can bus.

  1. There’s a good chance that VCDS-Lite will not work on any VAG vehicle post 2004. (I don’t think that VCDS-Lite software has been updated since the early 2000s.) VCDS-Lite uses what is known as a dumb cable. The full paid version required a special cable incorporating a dongle to stop piracy. That dongle not only ensured that the the copy of VCDS was legitimate by checking the license when it went on-line but if not it corrupted the cable. Hence saying that you should turn off all network connectivity when it is connected. The latest version of VCDS appears to use Bluetooth to connect from your laptop to the OBDII connector doing away with cables completely.

  2. you should put a link to buy the vcds lite licence, i bought it after watching this. $99 0r £78 in my case best buy ever. i had to bleed abs pump on my mk4 golf. now i can put my windows up and down with my key fob.

    1. If you don’t know how to change com port settings, just install the software into another laptop – you’ll be unlikely to find two configuring it as COM6.
      Alternatively, go into your computer bios (at startup) and disable all COM ports. Then uninstall both driver and software, before restarting and re-installing. That’ll do it. You can always re-enable the BIOS COM ports afterwards, if you really do need serial comms for anything?

  3. Thanks a lot, I have my ebay cable setup correctly with my 2003 Jetta Diesel. When I open VCDS-Lite, I click on „Select“ in Control Module, then click on „01-Engine“, it tries to communicate and fails after a few seconds and shows an error „too many errors…“. Any idea how to fix that? Thanks.

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