How to install SSD in HP ProBook 470 G4 | Hard Drive replacement

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How to upgrade SSD in laptop or replace HDD HP ProBook 470 G4
How to migrate OS Windows to SSD:
SSD Samsung Evo 860:
SSD Crucial:
SSD Kingston:
screwdrivers set:

SSD Kingston:
SSD Samsung 860 EVO:
screwdrivers set:

SSD Kingston:
SSD Samsung Evo 860:

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Installing SSD instead of ordinary HDD is good decision almost in any case. This upgrade'll greatly decrease time of loading any program from laptop storage to memory, because almost any moder laptop CPU loads data to RAM faster, than any laptop HDD can read. This video show HP ProBook 470 G4 disassemble and upgrade hard drive to SSD process.

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How to install SSD in HP ProBook 470 G4 | Hard Drive replacement

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  1. hello. Thnx! Hm. I am unclear: do you know if this one will accept the samsung evo 850 2tb ssd? In some forums I read that one can install a maximum of 1tb drive..

  2. ***ENG: Links to screwdrivers and parts in the description under the video*
    ***RUS: Ссылки на отвертки и заменяемые детали в описании под видео*

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