How to replace screen on Lenovo IdeaPad 320

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Tutorial on replacing a screen on the Lenovo IdeaPad 320.


How to replace screen on Lenovo IdeaPad 320

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    1. The bezel should go in fine (1:49) if the plastic hinge cover was fully disconnected from the back cover (0:46), then you just close the laptop and snap the hinge cover onto the back-cover (2:03)

  1. i’m having a trouble disconnecting hinge cover.     did you separate the hinge cover from the bottom and top? or was it just top?     when i turned the laptop sideways, it seems like the peak can only go between the top cover and bottom side of hinge cover

    1. I had the same problem… i was afraid to damage it.. but i used an old credit card and pushed really hard to make it slide through the two parts.. it came off with no problem 🙂

    2. If you’re having trouble check you haven’t snapped the small clips inside the hinge cover. If you have don’t sweat it either order a new one or put a TINY amount of superglue on the edge of the clips that have broken and let it stand to dry in

  2. 2:10 This assembly is just terrible! Right bottom corner not clicked, and the whole top of the bezel looks loose, with few pieces not clicked in. What a terrible job!

    1. Agreed. But rest assured – the computer was properly buttoned up after the filming was done. It’s very tough to clip everything in properly because of having to stay out of the shot of the camera to not block the action. Its horrid, but it was all done up properly and wiped with alcohol afterwards, looking happy and brand new. 🙂

  3. It would be possible to swap an HD screen for a FULLHD?
    Whereas the two screens would be of the idepad 320, only changing the model.

    1. @Rex Buyeo I have a 330S. I talked one of the people in the live chat and told me I needed a dual channel cable to be able to connect an FHD screen to an HD laptop. Did you by any chance bought a dual channel cable? If so, Can you give me a link for where you bought it?

    2. Nope. I just used the same exact cable that my 320 came with. I would take caution when removing the plastic cover for the hinge, I broke a couple of the plastic clips but thankfully I can still securely reinstall it.

    1. He doesn’t say but my experience is that you open the laptop (lying on a table) so that the screen is flat, parallel w keyboard. Align the cover into the front, push along the top of the cover as to latch into the bottom of the screen. It’s tricky as you’d think it would be easier to reinstall from the back (of the laptop). You’ll break clips attempting from this manner. Good luck!

  4. Thank you for this guide! Helped me repair a friends laptop no bother. Appreciate the quickness and simplicity of the video.

    1. Lenovo doesn’t make LCD panels. LCDs are manufactured by several massive conglomerates like Samsung, LG, AU Optronics, BoHydis, Innolux, and several others. You can find LCDs from all of the above manufactures used in Lenovo.

  5. I upgraded my lower res screen using this video. I would buy the plastic seperator tool, I scratched up the hinge cover using a small philips screw. Also be gentle with it because I broke a couple plastic lock joints. When I put the full screen, the plastic bezel presses on the Full HD screen too much on the top left so I see some extra brightness when the screen is black; it’s weird because it’s not like the screw holes on the screen give it much room to move around when you screw it back it, especially with the nubs. I guess I got an imitation screen. I don’t want to remove the hinge cover again and risk breaking more plastic lock joints so I’m not gonna bother messing with it.

  6. Good video , now I have a problem with mine lenovo 320, I’d like to unplug then plug again the LCD ribbon cable . What’s the easiest way to get there ? Am I going to follow this steps and just to unplug and plug the lcd cable or open the mother board and do it there ? Problem with pc LCD not working at starting up . Help pls!?

    1. Nigel, a cable can be unplugged at two ends. The video above is sufficient to unplug the cable at the LCD end. You’d need a different video to unplug at the motherboard. But it is very uncommon for the video cable to become unplugged at the mobo, but highly common for it to be ajar at the LCD, so try re-pluging the screen first.

  7. do NOT use this method – myself and several others in the comments encountered the same problem, the connectors on the hinge broke off and now the hinge cover won’t go back on

  8. this method can result in a broken clips on the back screen cover and hinge cover. to take the hinge cover off and on you need to remove the back cover of the bottom then unscrew the bottom from the hinges. there are two screws per hinge. when you are putting it back together put the hinge cover in place and screw the hinges back on.

    you can see how this works by looking at the hinge cover clips. the cover has to be placed in from the side, and the only way to do this properly is to remove the hinges. it took an extra 15 minutes, much faster than ordering a new hinge cover and screen back cover.

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