How To Transfer Pictures From Windows PC To iPhone 6

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TUTORIAL-how to transfer/import pictures/photos from windows 10 computer to iphone6 camera roll sync/copy/cut/upload pictures with iTunes on a windows 10 PC to iPhone6. Sync media from a Windows PC to iPhone. I received many comments from subscribers asking me if I could make this video. I have also shared more helpful video links below!
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How To Transfer Pictures From Windows PC To iPhone 6

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  1. Hey JamieWagner,

    How is it going? yeah i watched your vdeos which were pretty useful. however, here i got the problem with transferring photos to iphone and whenever i tried to transfer them, it says,“ Mohamed’s iphone can access photos in iCloud. Photos can be downloaded to your device via Wifi or Cellular network“. Sort it out this prob Jamie coze i desperately want to transfer them…

    1. +DoggyB22 yea I know dude. I love android. I’m probably getting another one soon. Waiting for newer versions to come out first.

    1. ohthatsemily is it safe to remove the photos with lower reselution? Will the be back as usal when you turn on icloud photo liberary??

    1. +James Blanc thanks so much would you do me a favor and please click the like button on my other videos like my new ones you’ll see them if you go to my YouTube channel and click videos just click on for five videos and give them thumbs up it really helps me keep making videos

    1. @Haley S. Bahahaha!!! Please…. Enlighten me. Name all the reasons iPhones are better. I’ve had a 6sPlus, 7s, and 8sPlus… they have ALL been pieces of S*%#. Had they not been free, I would never have purchased them. Nothing but problems with them. This video actually worked, but ONLY let me import the video to it’s OWN album… and now the video AND the Album are completely UNDELETABLE!!!!! It’s literally stuck on my phone FOREVER. I tried to delete it manually through the phone… can’t delete the video NOR the album. Tried reversing the method in this video to delete it, and it will not let me. F*#% You, Apple, for making such a crappy phone. My $89 LG phone from WALMART does more crap than my iphone can, and it was over $1000 retail. My company buys only iPhones and I have hated ALL OF THEM.

  2. i can upload one album but when i upload second album the previous one is disppaer what can i do please suggest bro

    1. Jamie Wagner nope. Ro the previous pne is automatically delete when i upload second album from mashallah computer

  3. thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I lost all my pics when I had to do a total reboot on my phone and couldn’t figure out how to get them back. you’re awesome!

    1. Thanks robin!!! Please be sure to click the like button on my videos please share this video on Facebook with all your friends and everyone

  4. iCloud photos is on
    … can access photos in cloud. Photo can be downloaded to your device via WiFi or celular network. And that’s all I have, what to do ?

  5. Perfect, just what I was looking for. There was another video I watched that had you opening iCloud which I immediately shut off so as not to waste any more time. Thank you for providing the steps.

    1. ? share a whole bunch! Click the like button on my other videos to!! It helps me to keep making helpful content like this!!

    2. @Jamie Wagner „on my other videos TOO“
      You look so much smarter and get more respect when you use proper English grammar.
      No one seems to have a basic grade school education these days. What a pity.

    3. @Jamie Wagner Thanks Jamie for your good spirit and saying to me „thanks“.
      You surely made my point though. It would have been impressive if you said „YOU’RE right“ instead of „your right“. (sorry, I can’t ignore such grammar errors, maybe it’s a sickness?)
      … I did btw, give you a thumbs up on your video!

    4. Thanks again Jeff, yea I do the your one often… I’m just in such a hurry sometimes because of all the comments. But I’ll work on the grammar it is important when people are reading. Truth is your 100% correct bud!!

  6. When I click on „photos“ on the left-handed menu, The right-handed content doesn’t appear at all and I don’t know why?

    1. Reset your privacy settings on your phone then try it. There’s also two other things you can try sometimes if iCloud is turned on sometimes it won’t work

  7. Hey man, just want to ask why when I transfer a photo folder into my iPhone it overwrite the initial photo folder that I transferred earlier?

  8. What do I do my pc says that iCloud photos is on but I don’t wanna turn it off because it’ll delete them all I mean there’s an option to download them but I have 10,000 photos and I don’t have enough storage I have 14 go left

    1. you can try to back all those up to your computer using iTunes I believe, cause that’s a lot of photos and yes it might delete all them if you turn it off, I’m not sure how many gigs your iphone has

  9. My iTunes looks nothing like yours. I know for a fact I have the latest version but all it has is music,movies,tv shows,podcasts and audio books. I don’t have a photos option

    1. many updates have been done since I made this video to itunes, it might be a bit different I have to get some up to date videos done

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