How To Watch Google Play Movies on Desktop or Laptop

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Hi Guys, in this video I show you how to watch Google play movies on your desktop or laptop

How To Watch Google Play Movies on Desktop or Laptop

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    1. Like for instance i tried watching some free HD stuff but it’s SD. If I redeem a film on it it’ll probably still be SD like the other stuff

  1. Any idea why I can’t transfer a purchased movie (not rented) to an external storage device for viewing elsewhere? I’m trying to watch a movie through a pico projector that has a USB port and prefer not to connect my Iphone to it because it would drain the battery on my phone. Thanks for any help you may have

    1. +mpq1969 Hi, If you go to your play movies and then your settings you can choose an external device to download them too. Hope this helps

    2. +1stepatatime Yeah I was hoping that when I when downloaded it for offline viewing it asked me where to download to but it just did it on its own and I have no idea where on my IPhone it put the movie.

    3. Hi, yes very disappointing. I have an entire series on USB key and I was missing only this one episode which I bought in order to download it to add to my key. Now can only watch it through Google Play Movies app on Ipad. SO NO other way to transfer to USB key then, if I understand correctly? Tks

    1. +Danielle kearsley Hi, I don’t know for sure as I have never tried it.. If you are trying to play games from the play store then you’ll need a Android emulator. Hope this helps, good luck.

    1. From what I read you can download it to your google play videos app/extension but I don’t know how to copy that file to another device

  2. How to watch google play movies on a laptop thanks for infro, my be i do not like evaporation metal from extraterrestrials in xrays white, black, gray, evaporated planet on humains st gaul

  3. This is for normies I want to get a digital copy of my TV shows I purchased from Google Play in an MP4 format or in a mkv format

  4. I just upgraded to windows 10 and find that Google Chrome suddenly don’t work so well and Microsoft Edge won’t show my Google Play movies in full screen. Is there a fix for this or am I going to have to learn to accept Microsoft Edge?

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