HSBC & $250 Billion of banking on the blockchain | S1E1 | Luno News RoundUp | #LunoTV

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Welcome, and thanks for joining us for our very first episode 😎

Every fortnight we’ll bring you the latest news in the cryptocurrency world on everything from forks to regulation. We'll also cover your top questions – use #askLuno on Twitter and YouTube.

1. Regulation in Malaysia

As of 15 January 2019, according to a notice from the country’s Securities Commission (SC), token offerings and exchanges will require approval from the SC before starting any operations. They’ll also have to comply with security laws.

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2. Bitcoin transactions on the rise

Despite the prolonged bear market, Bitcoin transactions saw a steady increase through 2018 and are currently at their highest point since mid-January 2018. Another significant milestone was the Lightning Network increasing its capacity to over 5,200 nodes and over 19,000 channels.

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3. Banking on the blockchain

HSBC, one of the largest financial institutions in the world, leveraged blockchain technology to process more than 3 million foreign exchange transactions to the value of $250 billion.

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4. Ethereum hard fork countdown

There are 3 hard forks lined up for the month of January:

– Classic Vision Hard Fork
– Ethereum Nowa Hard Fork
– Constantinople Ethereum Hard Fork (the most impactful one) – DELAYED

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5. Rocket fuel for 2019: What should we expect to see this year?

We’re feeling very optimistic about 2019.

As a team, we’re scaling exponentially and have opened up (really cool) new offices in London and Johannesburg, and expanded our existing offices in Singapore, Cape Town, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Lagos. These incredible additions to the Luno team have us extremely excited for what we’ll accomplish together with you in 2019. We have some exciting announcements coming soon (watch this space).

As for the industry, we expect to see continual advancements that will light up the crypto-sphere including clearer regulation for businesses, more positive media buy-in, and better education and real use-cases of cryptocurrencies come to life.

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HSBC & $250 Billion of banking on the blockchain | S1E1 | Luno News RoundUp | #LunoTV

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