Iconic Lois Lane – „You Are So Weird!“

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LnC episode Strange Visitor and SV episode Krypto.

I honestly can't wait till season 8. I'm gonna have so much material it's not even funny.

Iconic Lois Lane – "You Are So Weird!"

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  1. Cool comparisons! 😀 ya didnt have to rub in the Clois at the end though lol, ya given me belly butterflies ^______^ clois for S8!

  2. Hahahaa love that LnC scene….I always love a Lois that is amazed by Clark Kent. When I saw than SV scene, the one of LnC came to mind immediately. The „It works for you, though“ reminds me of Lois telling Clark in Smallville that as lame as his farmboy cloths were, that look was his own. Clois forever!

  3. they have such great chemistry! love the campairsons between Lois and Clark and Smallville. Both are amazing scences 🙂

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