If You Invested In Apple And Amazon In 2009 Here’s What You’d Have Now

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It’s been quite a bull run since the stock market bottomed out on March 6, 2009. In fact, it’s been the longest bull run since World War II. Here’s how you would have fared if you held your nose, had a little luck, and invested $1,000 right at the bottom.

S&P 500 – SPX
#Apple – AAPL
#Amazon – AMZN
Netflix – NFLX


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If You Invested In Apple And Amazon In 2009 Here's What You'd Have Now | CNBC

If You Invested In Apple And Amazon In 2009 Here's What You'd Have Now

100 Kommentare

    1. It’s not over, you can learn or if you don’t wanna learn just invest after the next crash when everyone is telling u not to invest, most people(friends n family) will advice u to invest at the top before a crash and they will be negative about investing at the bottom When u should actually invest. Everyone was negative about it in 2009.

    1. +Mason Calhoun besides, even rich people wouldn’t go out and buy a lambo a day after they bought another 1. That is if they PLAN to stay rich and not go broke.

  1. Every investor knows buying stocks low id the key. But the hard part is predicting which company will actually be worth a lot more.

    1. Tampatec You realize that this mass inflation is caused by everyone buying in when the prices were low in 2009, so its a ticking time bomb, if everyone cashed out now

    1. I am pretty sure if you are richer than the company you are investing in, you can just buy 50% and you would be a partial owner or am I wrong?

    2. PC Gaming uh that’s if there selling 50% of their shares when a company goes public on the stock market they get to choose the amount of shares for sale

  2. They missed the best one of them all if you bought $1000 of bitcoin in 2010 it’d be worth $283,412,660 as of December 2017 during its peak. This is the worst one for anyone that ever had bitcoin that early

  3. I’m starting to think that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity after the big crash and that this will never be repeated again. This was life changing stuff if you made certain moves. These rates of return were extraordinary.

    1. You’re very wrong my friend. People make millions every day in the stock market. You’re just not paying close enough attention! Make sure you try and spot trends and analyze current events to predict a stocks trajectory, and never put all your eggs in one basket. Good luck!

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