Intel Tiger Rapids Hands-On at Computex 2018

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At its open house here in Taipei, Intel shared demos of a 7.9-inch dual-screen PC codenamed Tiger Rapids

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Intel Tiger Rapids Hands-On at Computex 2018

37 Kommentare

  1. I like the idea with the E-Ink display. It feels very natural and the device could also be used as a eBook reader. But it should run Windows on ARM for sure. It’s not meant to be a mobile working station more like a digital notebook.

    1. There is some E-ink pads that you can write on, though they are not that cheap for that they are. But having two display is definately cooler can could be more useful.

      I think there will be an ARM powered dual-display Windows devices coming on next year, it just make more sense to run it on ARM especially especially for smaller sizes. Bigger dual-displays like what Asus showed, Intel would be also make sense since they can be used for heavier apps like Photoshop and even do like for audio production.

      Basically anything from 10 inches and below, ARM makes more sense. Anything above 12 inches, Intel and ARM depending on what target market the device is. 14 to 15 inches I think Intel would be preferable since it’s a bit more of a workstation with that size.

  2. Amazing but why not just have it be two screens so that you can run 2 apps . Onenote can be use instead of that pad

    1. Phoenix Dawn probably because its a prototype. No reason to spend too much money on a concept that won’t be sold. They’ll probably leave it up to OEMs

    2. When the device is folded, it is as thick as the pen (8-10 mm). Each screen with glass and digitizer is already 2-3 mm (two screen total 4 mm?) + the chassis thickness…. you need to find place to keep the CPU, heat sink, battery… etc. You need space to run wiring, hide the electronics, also the hinge. One can make a thin bezel, but then the system will be much thicker. It is a design trade-off (for now).

  3. Was estatic knowing Lenovo is planning to produce their 2nd gen yoga book. Then I see this thing, prefer this footprint than the yoga book, but we’ll see if ever both product comes into the market

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