IOTA explained in 2 minutes!

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IOTA explained in 2 minutes!

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    1. Unfortunately a company without fees doesn’t have any funding to promote their product. Free or not, you need revenue of some kind. Keep in mind what most people think is free is actually hidden with infomercial. Youtube? Commercials, Facebook? Sponsored advertisement. Google search results? Promoted Ads.

      IOTA shows no plan to cover its cost, unless I miss something?

      The future is HASHGRAPH, look it up. The technology of HASHGRAPH is not in any coins so keep an eye out for it. Keep in mind that they were able to run an MMO on this new platform, it is secure and invented by 2 smart guy who patented the design, in other words no one else can come up with coins without their consent.

      Open source might be great, but not for crypto coins, look how much the market is flooded with them. Look how many coins perished! Hashgraph will be the solution, we just have to be patient and save our money.

    2. @Darrin — Right, but saying you have no fees and then telling people later on, they are fees is not just bad practice but underhanded politics. Why don’t they start with the fact that they are fees instead of misleading people?

    1. Look at ripple lol. But nothing stops it. If people demand them, they will grow. I bought ADA at 4 cents and thought max it would go to is 10 cents. Sold at 11 cents and now I’m sad but hey I doubled.

  1. This is the future my friends!! A long term investment. I have bought some now while it´s still cheap and will keep on adding more and more to my porfolio depending on my financial status. One day all the big boys like Apple, Sony, Samsung and many many more will all come crawling for the mighty iota. Make a lane Y’all Bitches iota is on rise!! Time to take down Bitcoin from it´s podium and replace it with iota 🙂 Keep on pushing for better wallet!! And for God sake don´t sell out cheap!!! Good luck to all of you iota lovers out there 😉

    1. A few of us recently created a very effective coin pump group. Our last coin pump went up 150%! We have the largest discord group in the world with about 54000 members. We’re pumping our next coin in a few days. If you’re interested, here’s the link:

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  2. WOW! The 1st video I found that helps makes a totally cryptocurrency-absent minded newby like myself UNDERSTAND IOTA (some @ least). THANK YOU! 😀

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